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Moments after I posted yesterday, my sweet honey-of-a-girlfriend stepped forward to volunteer her talents in the pursuit of a new look for this blog.  She brought her graphic skills, collection of photos and artistic eye to the project and the result is what you see now (unless you’re reading this through an rss reader, if you are.. come on over and see what she’s done).  I’m working on a new tagline, suggestions welcome.

Roxy stayed up late last night tweaking details and futzing with pixels to get the site banner just right.  She also chose a new blog template, got the colors just right and cleaned up a lot of clutter that had been driving me crazy.  I’m really psyched about the results, she did a fantastic job.

Roxy, my sweet artistic girlfriend and partner in so many ways, thank you so much for your time, talent and persistence.  I really didn’t expect to have the luxury of such a complete overhaul so soon.  You’ve made it all sparkly and new again, thank you, I love you so much.

— Some rejected taglines:

“Sweet as honey, twice as good to lick”

“Gotta a little change in my pocket … reach in and see for yourself”

“With a smile on my lips and a swagger in my hips …”


Ed. Note:  You can look at the banner now, and see what tagline we chose.  Thanks again to Roxy for her inspiration, creativity and feedback

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12 Responses to Come take a look

  1. Holden says:

    Looks great Kyle. Well done Roxy. 🙂

    Thank you, Sir… it’s good to be loved someone so talented –K

  2. Rhylee says:

    I kinda like the last tagline 😉 It’s looking great round here! Very nice photo choice Roxy!!!!

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  4. Roxy says:

    Whoo hoo! Thank you, Kyle, for being so generous and handing me the keys. It was a lot of fun to try out a new paint job, and, honestly, staring at those green eyes for hours on end is hardly something I could call work. 😉

    Thanks to Holden and Rhylee, too.

    I am grateful for your awesome Photoshop Elephants skillz.. you rule! All my keyz are belongz to you, baybee! — K

  5. Very nice job, I like the new look!

    Thank you! all credit to Roxy, the creative visual mastermind behind Butchtastic — K

  6. Jen says:

    Looking good, great job! Once I’m ready to take my blog back off of private, I’d like to overhaul mine a bit as well. Always feels good to have a little cleanup 🙂

  7. G says:

    I knew something was happening last night, because when I submitted the comment the blog already looked different than it was when I landed on the page. It looks great! Well done, Roxy.

    Yeah, I was realizing that a few of you saw the construction phase last night.. glad you came back to see the finished work.. She did a great job, I’ll pass on the complement — K

  8. GG says:

    LOVE IT! And you know how I feel about hats…LOL

    Great job, seriously.


    I don’t think I do know how you feel about hats.. maybe you should elaborate for my edification 😉 —


  9. GG says:

    Oh my! Well, hats are HOT, especially worn at the right, rakish angle, with a wink and wiggle and sometimes with nothing else at all. I had made a comment a while back on a “hat” photo that Roxy took of you. Same hat as the header, I do believe.

    And that’s what I think about hats (beyond the practical, of course)… 😉

    Oh yes, I remember your comment now.. and the photo. Yep, same hat.. the hat that launched this site, actually. Glad you like it — K

  10. Megan says:

    Absolutely lovely design 🙂

    Props, Roxy!

    Doesn’t hurt that she had your lovely eyes to work with, Kyle.


    *blush* well, yes, thank you and yes, props to my chief collaborator — K

  11. Roxy says:

    GG – That hat, worn at a certain rakish angle, was the beginning of a certain beautiful relationship, too. 😉

  12. The site looks really good Roxy! I like the tagline you two chose.

    Kyle… I gotta agree with the comments about the photo used for the header. That’s the kind of look to make a person weak in the knees. Jesus Christ.

    heh heh heh, well, then, I guess we picked a good picture for the header 😉

    thank you, I’m glad you like the layout. I’m still experiencing that happy surprise when I click over and see it.. – K

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