Butch/Genderqueer/Trans blog list additions: Gendercast and A Butch in the Kitchen

These are the latest additions to my big list of Butch/Genderqueer/Trans masculine blogs:

Gendercast:  Our Transmasculine Genderqueery:  Podcasts hosted by Sean Leao and Jessie.  So far there are two podcasts, plus audio biographies from the hosts.   When I contacted Jessie about adding their site to my list, this is they had to say about their hopes and ambitions for Gendercast:

Gendercast is a podcast looking to build community and we are encouraging participation at every turn.  We speak to the entire transmasculine community, including genderqueer identified and beyond and of course, those who love them!  Some info and topics do overlap with the butch (lesbian, dyke, etc.) identified community and we intend to have guests from all over the spectrum commenting about gender and the binary (it’s evolution, current challenges and educting allies around the different identities).    Our first episode was about gender in general and the conundrum thereof, the second is about the decisions around do or not doing hormones and surgery and the 3rd will be on Desire/Attraction and Partners.

Each epoisode we try to cover about 3-4 our Check-Ins (there are about 10 total).  The check-in include

  • Bathroom Buzz and Lockerroom Lowdown (stories, etc. from listeners, us, etc.)
  • Local Queer Events
  • Updates in Law/Legislation/Politics
  • Updates in Trans HealthCare
  • Quotes from the Binary (Or I can’t believe they just said that)
  • Trantasyland (what if the world was like if [insert wish here])
  • Transhotness (a hottie we want to mention)
  • Arts/Entertainment/Music (trans/genderqueer artists)
  • Debunktion Junction, What’s Your Assumption (in rachel maddow style) of myths about the trans community/trans individuals, etc.

Some of our upcoming guests include Sid and Kennedy, who are the makers of Put This on the Map, a documentary about quuer youth in East King County and focused reteaching gender and sexuality.

We also are going to have Joe LeBlanc from Butch Voices talk about the national conference coming up this summer and also folks from 3$ Bill Cinema talk about the Seattle Translations (transgender film festival) in May, a women’s studies professor discuss feminisim as a foundatoin for gay and transactivism, and much much more!

A Butch in the Kitchen.  This blog gets into the nitty gritty of cooking butch with recipes, techniques and even some kitchen gear for the butch kitchen queer. She says she’s a novice but I’ll be her skills are just ready to be discovered.  So far there are two recipes up:  Cherry cobbler and ice cream bread.  As a Butch Baker, I’m intrigued by these, but also looking forward to ideas in the appetizers and main courses categories.  Butch in the Kitchen has a list of other food sites to check out and will also take submissions of recipes and photos from other cooks.  I’m also wondering if anyone’s doing a Butch Cocktails site… hmmm.. maybe there’s a market for that.  Follow this butch on twitter, as Butchndakitchen.

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