Half-Nekkid Thursday: chained

She gave me instructions:  buy some chain, long enough to hand down under your shirt.  Get a small padlock for it, give me the key.  Every morning, put the chain on as you drive or ride to work, under your shirt.  Every evening, do the same for the trip home.

The chunky, heavy, blueish chromed links feel good … solid, meaningful, grounding.  And cold, sometimes damned cold.  I keep the chain in my truck and that’s almost as good as having it in the freezer some nights.

When I get to work, or get home, I pull it off.  By then it’s warm, feels almost alive.  I hold it in my hands and take a moment to reflect on what my service means to me, Her face is there, close in my mind’s eye, looking at me with those warm, commanding eyes.  I finish that ritual by kissing the chain and returning it to my glove box.

She is a wonderful Sir.  She understands that I need symbols and rituals to confirm my submission to Her, Her ownership of me.   I am a very lucky boy, a very grateful sub, to have found a Sir so perfect for me.


Happy HNT, y’all

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