The Cage

I know very well how much my lover adores cages.  She was kind of shy about it in the beginning, all those months ago, hesitant and worried about being judged.  Over time, she’s let loose her enthusiasm for them, especially when they sit in dungeons and feature heavy, thick bars.  On our first trip to a dungeon together, she made sure I spent sometime in a cage, a small one that allowed me to sit, hunched over, or crawl around on all fours.  She enjoyed herself while tormenting me, and I enjoyed playing the part of caged animal desperate to get at the sweet smelling creature just out of reach.

But I know she’d rather be the one on the inside.

She got her chance a couple of weekends ago, during the Folsom Eclipse party.  We were winding down after a long day of Folsom and a lot of play with our friend Arron.  I’m not sure how it came up, maybe we were reviewing all that we done and seen downstairs.  At any rate, Roxy said something about the cage, how much she adored cages and would love a chance to just sit in the one downstairs for a little bit.  We didn’t know if it was occupied or not and Arron jumped up to go check.

Not long after that, my beautiful lover was inside the cage, curled up on a blanket, starry look in her eyes.  I was standing outside, against the door.  I suggested we play a little, maybe ‘adjoining cells’?

We got as close to each other as we could.  The rest of the room vanished, and I was fully immersed in the scene with her.  We were both in jail, separated by these cruel bars.  I pressed my face between the bars as far as it would go, wanting to kiss her, taste those sweet lips.. press my tongue into her mouth.  I reached through to pull her closer, felt her hands on my cock.  We stroked, squeezed, caressed and kneaded each other into hot lust.  I pushed a knee through, pulling her onto it.  She rubbed against me, frantically, we didn’t have a lot of time, surely the guard would come soon.

A lot of this is blurry for me because I was so into the scene, I wasn’t recording it very well for posterity.  Next thing I remember, I was opening the cage and I was no longer a fellow prisoner.  I had become someone else and He wasn’t a nice guy.  I don’t know what my eyes looked like to her, but I imagine them flat and cold and without mercy.  She was my prisoner, I was the guard, I had complete power over her.  She could say no, but that would only serve to increase my enjoyment of her eventual surrender.

She actually shrank away from me when I stepped inside… mmm, delicious.  I knelt down, one hand in her hair, one at the base of her neck, my thumb threatening her windpipe.  She melted.  My style as her Dom is not loud or demonstrative in an attention getting way.  I remained soft spoken, my words menacing and confident.  I stared intently into her eyes, and she could see I was going to have my way and that she wasn’t going to convince me otherwise.  I don’t remember the exact words I used, but I remember how it felt to hold her jaw in my hand, to squeeze it a little too hard, to see the fear flare up in her eyes.  I pulled her mouth to mine, kissing her hard, using my teeth on her lips.  I didn’t need to restrain her.  My hands reminded her she was in my power.. a tight grip on the nape of her neck, on her jaw, around her throat.  My hands squeezing her wrists, pressing her back against the bars.

The rest of the room had ceased to exist.  There was only the cruel guard and the beautiful captive.  She may have wished for a swashbuckling knight to sweep in and rescue her but what she got was a ruthless, horny guard who had no morality interfering with his wish to force himself on her.  We enjoyed this quietly brutal foreplay for uncounted minutes until I could see that her need for release was reaching the critical point.  I pulled her onto my thigh, her wetness slick and hot.  I kissed her deep and hard, her hair in my fist as she rutted without shame against my leg.  That’s it, that’s it, give it to me.. give me what’s mine, girl…

Afterward, I wrapped her in a blanket and held her on my lap as she shuddered through some aftershocks.  This is when my brutal captor turns into the gentle caretaker.  Stroking her hair, kissing her face, feeling her complete surrender against my body, this is the sweet reward I sought.  To know that I am able to give her what she wants, what she craves … my chest fills with pride and my love for her grows.  We have come a long way together.  I’ve learned a lot about what she needs from me as her Dom and in a moment like that, after a perfectly rendered scene…. that moment is etched in my mind for ever.

Thank you, beloved, for your faith in me.  I love being able to give you what you so deeply desire.

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