Message from the Universe

It’s funny how something random can strike a nerve.  The randomness guarantees you won’t be expecting it, so the reaction is pure.  So it was when I pulled the cap of my Sobe Green Tea a couple of weeks ago:


First I giggled, then grinned big.  This was the week after BUTCH Voices, a weekend filled solidarity and recognition.  I went from a conference full of people who at least had heard the word genderqueer, to my regular, day-to-day existence amongst people who probably had a spotty understanding of sexual diversity, much less diversity in gender.

But it seemed that the universe wanted to let me know that I was seen and recognized, at least by my beverage maker.  Thank you, Sobe.  I don’t know what you had in mind when you created this bottle cap message, but I want you to know that I appreciated it.  Even if it was accidental, even if you meant something else by it, I’m going to persist in the notion that the universe was communicating with me.

‘Hey’, right back atcha.

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