So excited … #bvpdx

I’m keyed up, psyched, excited, jazzed, restless and looking forward to this weekend.

Roxy is in Olympia right now, walking around on my streets, being sexy and wonderful and I’m sitting here at work, with ants in my pants.  She’s about to have one of the best BLTs on the planet, and I wish I could be there to share it with her.  In just about 4.5 hours, I’ll be rejoining her and we’ll begin our drive down I5 to Portland.  A brief stop at the hotel then off to the Love Hurts play party to get our BDSM on.

Tomorrow, we’ll start out bright and early at the registration desk at BUTCH Voices Portland, meeting and greeting and registering hundreds of people.. isn’t that awesome?  After lunch, I lead a session on Genderqueer identity.  I’ve got some notes to help me get things going, but I’m really hoping it becomes a lively discussion — especially because it’s right after lunch and I want us all to stay awake.

Then Roxy and I will go next door to Bren Ryder’s session, Good Butch Porn: Butch Representation in Porn.  Really looking forward to meeting Bren in RL, and love the subject matter.

I’m hoping we’ll get to hear most of Kathleen Saadat’s keynote before dashing over to the Hawthorne Theater to begin setting up for the Butch Buffet show.  Roxy is Stage Manager and Top Dom, with me as her loyal Best Boy/slave.  The line up is amazing.  After the Buffet, we all head to the Egyptian Room for Butch Dessert, some dancing and socializing.

Compared to last weekend, this is a quick visit.  Sunday, we’ll stay in bed as long as possible and then head back up I5 so that Roxy can catch her flight home.  I feel amazingly blessed to have such a wonderful partner in this project and in love.  It hurts like hell every time we say goodbye, but I’ll do it as many times as I can because the hello is so wonderful.

Right now she’s enjoying refreshing temperatures and many shades of green and a wonderful BLT sandwich.  Later she’ll wander around downtown as Arts Walk starts up.  Then I’ll come find her and give her the biggest kiss ever… since a three days ago.

I have a lot of posts planned, I have stories to tell about Folsom, about Saynine, about Sharktopus, about edge play and courage and charity and heat and meat on a stick and slick hot bodies.  And after this weekend, I’ll have even more.  Enjoy your weekend.  If you’re a reader of this blog and you’re coming to Portland for BUTCH Voices, please make sure to introduce yourself to me.  I’d love to meet you.

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