Please check your spam filters

Over the past month or so, comments I’ve attempted to leave on other blogs have gotten caught in spam filters.   This is not as a result of me being a dirty, rotten spammer.  It’s an unfortunate side effect to people not paying attention to legitimate trackbacks and pings getting caught by the filters.

I participate in the e[Lust] Sex Blogs list when I can.  Once I publish the e[Lust] post to my blog, I generate trackbacks to each of the other blogs participating.  Sometimes those trackbacks get caught by Akismet (maybe other spam filters as well).  I’ve seen them caught in my filter and I’m always careful to mark them as ‘not spam’.  If you don’t mark them as ‘not spam’, if you leave them there when you clear your spam filter, that person is marked as a spammer.

And apparently that’s what’s happened to me.  Someone didn’t take the time to check the filter before clearing it and now I’m marked as a spammer by Akismet.  I’ve tried emailing Akismet to resolve the issue, but haven’t received any response.

I’m posting this for two reasons:

1) if you participate in e[Lust], please take the time to check your spam filters before purging.  Don’t sweep legitimate trackbacks away, take a moment to mark them ‘not spam’, then you can trash them from your comments cue if you don’t want them on your site.

2) people who’s blogs I read, please look in your spam filter to see if comments I’ve left recently are stuck in that limbo.

Harrison, I’ve left comments on your blog.

G, also on your blog.

And, Androgynonamous.

And there are probably others that I can’t remember right now.

This whole thing is getting beyond irritating.  Thanks for listening and helping if you can.

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