More butch/genderqueer/trans blogs for my list… Wendi and Jessie

Both of these bloggers were at BUTCH Voices Portland and attended Sinclair’s writing workshop with me and a bunch of other very cool folks.

A Stranger in This Place, by Wendi, who describes herself as “a motorcycle riding butch lesbian, retired accountant turned photographer and writer searching for her purpose in life and learning to enjoy the ride.”  Wendi’s working on a book and participated in the Gender/Queer Spoken Word event for BV PDX on Sunday.  I’m looking forward to reading more from Wendi.

Words of a Boi, by Jessie.  This writer read something written during Sinclair’s writing workshop that stuck with me.. so much so that I instantly recognized it when I saw it on their blog a few days later.   It’s a beautiful work of prose comparing gender to a flower.   This writer uses poetry, wonderful imagery and an openness that is very engaging.

Please go check them out.

p.s. I’d love to hear from other bloggers who were at BUTCH Voices, and anybody who wants to be included on my butch/trans/genderqueer bloggers page.





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