Half-Nekkid Thursday : road trip

Last weekend, Roxy and I went to BUTCH Voices Portland together.  She landed at SeaTac airport late Friday morning and rode a shuttle down to Olympia.  Once there, since I was still at work, she puttered around my hometown, making new friends, taking pictures and enjoying time to herself.  We texted through the day, and I was delighted that she enjoyed her free time so much.  Neither she nor I get much truly free time these days.  Even though I couldn’t slip out of work and meet her, it was great to know she was so close and enjoying my city so much.

I finished up my work day and had dinner with my family, then packed up the truck.  I picked her up and we headed south.  It takes about 2 hours to get into Portland.

On Sunday we loaded our stuff back into the truck, bagging everything to ward against precip, and headed north.  We had at least 3 hours ahead of us to get her back to the airport, and then I had another hour to get back home.  In my circle of friends, we believe that if you really want to test a relationship, friendship or romantic, take a road trip with that person.  Spend hours in a small space hurtling forward together and you’ll find out how compatible you are, or if your taste in music causes your companion to have fits.  I am happy to report that Roxy and I are highly compatible travel companions.  Normally, when travelling with my wife, I’m the co-pilot and navigator.  This time around, I was the driver and Roxy my co-pilot.  We tested our abilities several times over the course of the weekend, because we excelled at getting somewhat to fully lost at various times.  Between my printed maps and my iPhone, we always managed to get ourselves where we needed to be.  AND we did it without getting grumpy and pissed off at each other, or panicking.. I’d say that’s a pretty good indication of our long-term viability.

Eventually, we did make it to the airport, though traffic did its best to put us off our schedule.  Well, that and orgasms.. heh heh. Road tripping with her is fun and sweet and romantic.  I love seeing all the familiar landscape through her eyes, things I take for granted, she revels in and celebrates.  I know I can count on her to stay calm, to navigate well and communicate.  I can also count on her to keep me stimulated along the way.  She knows she can count on me to drive safely, even if I’m bending the rules a bit.

“.. I’m not sure you can go that way…”

“Watch me!”

Roxy, darlin, you’re welcome in my truck anytime, baby, and I won’t even mind getting lost, as long as I have you to be lost with.


Happy HNT, y’all

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2 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday : road trip

  1. Roxy says:

    Oh, my love, this is beautiful. And true. We did get pretty close to completely lost a couple of times, discovered together that exit 1b is evil and should NEVER be trusted, and still found time to pull off to the side of the road to tend to those needs that seem to pop up repeatedly when we’re in close proximity.

    You are a fearless driver, a thrilling partner, and a wonderful road companion. With the changing leaves outside the truck and the stunning landscape inside, the view was gorgeous.

    I can’t wait to join you again for another road trip. How’s Half Moon Bay in January sound, lover?

    January sounds good, baby.. a road trip through the mountains to the sea.. perfect. I want to see this magical place and enjoy it with you.. I love you, honey, thanks for loving us so well — Kyle and Casey

  2. you know I am very impatiently awaiting the full report from both weekends. It’s like having just finished a great novel and you are waiting for the sequel to arrive in the mail from Amazon. An itch you can’t wait to scratch!!! Glad you had such a wonderful time all the way around. 🙂

    I’m working on it, believe me, I want to scratch your itch.. er.. yeah, you know what I mean 😉
    — K

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