Half-Nekkid Thursday: a feast of curves

I love this picture, so many curves, like pathways for your eyes to travel.  A feast for the eyes.   When I go back to this moment in my mind, it’s not the visual that I remember.  My eyes were mostly squeezed shut, my mouth open and gasping, crying out with passion, grunting with the effort to bring her in more deeply.  The room smelled like sex — glorious, blooming, ripe sex.  I was reaching for anything to anchor myself, to brace myself against, so that I could force myself back on her cock, squeezing her in response to my orgasms.


I love the marks.  The bruising on my ass, the grip marks on my fore arm, marks of passion and ecstasy.

My glorious, sexy Roxy, thank you for sharing passionate, hot moments with me and thank you for capturing some of these moments on film.  As always, these pictures trigger a flood of memories and sensations.  They are a doorway into our shared past and a preview of our future.



Happy HNT, y’all

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3 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday: a feast of curves

  1. pixie says:

    very hot and sexy!

  2. Osbasso says:

    OK. That works. Even for this band geek!

  3. Roxy says:

    When I took this picture, my whole body was holding its breath. I wanted so much to preserve a little piece of the moment before I grabbed your hips with both hands, pressing my nails into your skin and thrusting up hard into you, letting loose a torrent of gasps, moans, and screams from both of us.

    With you, it’s never just making love or fucking, it’s everything, a beautiful mixture of the base and the sublime. This picture captures the lust, the skin-on-skin that will not be denied when we’re together, and the love – oh, such love – that swirls around us as you reached out to hold my hand. We’re together in mind and body and spirit here, intertwined in passion love and desire.

    Thank you for loving me so thoroughly.

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