Suburban Butch Dad Report, 9/17/2010

From the Department of Things That Make Me Smile:

My wife called me at work this morning to report that one of my special training programs for the baby has succeeded.  She said to Little Bit, “Ohhh.. you need a new diaper don’t you?”, to which our precocious daughter responded by waving one chubby hand in front of her nose:  the Stinky Diaper Sign.

Although we are all learning (or re-learning) ASL with Little Bit, the Stinky Diaper Sign is not an official ASL signs.

stinky bottom, stinky bottom, stinky bottom


wave it away!

The last line is accompanied by the Stinky Diaper Sign.  I sing that song when I’m changing poopy diapers.

I made up a new song last weekend.  Little Bit is usually barefooted and therefore her little feet are in some stage of grubby all of the time.  I took a moment to give them a diaper wipe bath, especially between her chubby toes, which gather an impressive amount of flotsam.

Little toes, little toes, little toes

who knows what grows…

between those little toes

As with her older sister, she tends to remember things set to music, so now, if I start the ‘little toes’ part, she grabs her feet and grins at me.

I know these aren’t Grammy level tunes, but they make my baby smile and giggle at me and, really, can it get any better than that?

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