Microfantasy Monday, week 96: teeth

This week, our Microfantasy Monday prompt is Teeth.

I’m lying, spread-eagle, tied down to the bed, at her mercy.  She’d blindfolded me with some gauzy cloth, so I’m not blinded but I also can’t see very clearly, especially in the shifting candle light.   Her hands… roaming all over my body, stroking, prodding, pinching.   Her nails…  leaving red trails across my chest, torso, inner thighs.  Breath heaving, crying out, my body flexes.  Her mouth…. oh sweet glorious sensation on my mouth, my nipples, leaving a trail of kisses leading to the fur between my legs.  Breath heaving, moaning, my body arches into her tongue.  Her tongue…. sweet glorious masterful pleasure, she tastes my thighs, my belly, diving between my legs again, lapping up the moisture gathering, surging, spilling over. Her hands on my thighs, pulling them apart again, her mouth, tongue going to work again.  Then, sharp, crackling sensation.  Her teeth… holding, tugging, pulling harder, pulling me apart, pulling me into ecstasy.

Breath heaving, screaming my pleasure to the world, my body twists, arches, finally slows.

She pulls me in, wraps around me, kissing me, nibbling gently, bringing sharp stabs of remembered pleasure.

Breath slowing, whispering happiness, gratitude, bliss.. my body rests in her love.

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