Microfantasy Monday, week 94: Training

The Sweltering Celt gave us this writing prompt for our weekly Microfantasy Monday exercise:

It’s cold already here. Today was an outdoor concert and I thought my fingers might freeze off before we managed to finish. Thankfully it was a short concert.  The leaves are changing, and so are many aspects of life in this crazy little family. This morning I had a lengthy conversation about some of those changes, and it occurred to me that a fantasy could be had of one of them (or more, but I’ll keep it simple this week)…

This week, your theme is: Training

She’s given me training exercises.  There aren’t that many weeks before Folsom and She wants to make sure I’m ready.  I close my eyes and breathe out while pressing the blue bulb against my asshole.  It goes partway before my body balks and I pull it out again.  I squirt a little more lube onto my finger and press it into my ass.  I’m leaning over, forehead on my bed, imagining it’s Her behind me, probing me, testing my readiness.

Now the blue plug again, I press it partway in, breathing through the pain, welcoming the pain, sucking it into myself instead of resisting it.  Now I imagine She’s standing before me, fingers in my hair, pressing my face against Her sex.  He’s standing behind me, pressing into me, feeling my resistance.  She yanks my head back and he plunges into me, grunting.  She purrs Her approval, grinding into my face, using me.  He slaps me on the ass and I lurch back reflexively, impaling myself further on his cock.  I’m pinned between them, being used: a sentient, living sex toy.

Flopping onto my bed, blue plug securely clenched inside me, I breathe heavily, fingers working between my legs.  I imagine Her scent, filling my senses.  My asshole clenches the bulb, imagining him fucking me.  I want to taste Her, feel Her pleasure gushing out onto my tongue.  My fingers press harder, faster, stroking myself into ecstasy.

Moments later, sprawled out and only half conscious, I turn off the light, blue plug nestled happily in my ass.

Training.  It’s a good thing.

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