Half-Nekkid Thursday : mindfuck, subspace, the struggle, the bliss

Roxy took these pictures in April, in my basement.  I realized last night that this was the last time we played hard together, no wonder I’m so keyed up about this coming weekend.

They are playing the mindfuck game very well.  Yesterday Saynine started a new round of mindfuckery with a twitpic of ginger and the comment:  “thinking about @butchtastickyle”


And I kind of went off for a bit, got all freaked out about figging and everything.  It doesn’t even matter if he actually does it, the mental unhinging has begun.  Between Saynine’s threats and Roxy’s assurances that I can back out of it any time, my brain’s a mess of contradictions.

My ass is pretty sure it doesn’t want to burn in ginger hell for any length of time.

My mind is trying to work out the angles:  how bad will it be?  can I handle it? Did I bite off more than I can chew?

My heart aches to feel Her love, Her smile, Her pride in me.

My pride is as stubborn as ever, telling the rest of me to buck up, we can do this.  No fucking way we’re backing out of anything, no way we’re not taking every challenge.

My competitiveness is pissed off at any sign of weakness, whining or worrying.

My submissiveness is trying to sit quietly and wait.  Sub me is joyful at the opportunity to prove itself to Roxy and Saynine and the world.  It’s also worried that we won’t perform well, worried we’ll shame our Sir.

My over mind is intrigued and interested in what we’ll learn about ourselves by going through this set of mental and physical challenges.

I worry about stupid shit, like how my body’s going to look exposed to a crowd of strangers and online friends.  I’m trying not to let myself think about what their expectations might be, considering my expectations are already enormous.

During this morning’s bike ride, I was remembering why I do this, why submission is attractive to me.  I almost wept with emotion remembering how it feels at that point in the scene when I fall away and i am only in the moment.  That’s what I do this for.  OK, I love the competitiveness and the challenge and the chance to take more than a lot of people would ever contemplate, but that’s a top layer.  That layer is also where I over think, doing the Type-A thing.  The real goal is under that, the space where I’m disconnected from all of that planning, analyzing and strategizing that dominates my waking (and a lot of my sleeping) moments.   A vacation from the uber-mind, that’s what I’m really going for.

My emotions are all over the place today.  I’m excited to be with Her, so much so that I feel like a pile of metal shavings straining toward her magnetic pull.  I’m thrilled to be going to Folsom for the first time, in the company of my beautiful, amazing Sir.  I’m scared, excited, nervous about the scene with Roxy and Saynine, to the point where puking seems like a reasonable response.  I’m almost weeping when I imagine myself in Roxy’s arms, my wonderful Sir petting me and telling me wonderful things that seem impossibly beautiful to be about me.  The bliss of that moment is worth the price of admission.

She assures me that She’ll be proud of me, no matter what and I believe her.  I just hope I can be proud of myself.  And I’m really looking forward to that blissful space where my brain disengages and lets me revel in the beauty of service.  I want to get to that place where I am an object, a thing, a possession, something to be used, valued and adored.  And the paradox of all this is that when I come out of it, I will very likely be proud of myself, not because I defied the Doms, not because I didn’t let them break me, but because I did break and as a result of that, became more wholly me than I’ve ever been.


Happy HNT, y’all

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4 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday : mindfuck, subspace, the struggle, the bliss

  1. Roxy says:

    Playing with you last April was so incredible and sexy, lover – and these pictures take me right back. you were defiant and strong and I was hard and cruel and we wrapped our bodies and minds together into a beautiful symphony of pain and release. you are an amazing sub – so willing and yet so challenging, and my doubts aren’t at all that you won’t be able to take it and make me proud, but, rather, that I might fail to keep up.

    Giving you both this opportunity to play with someone as experienced and talented as Saynine is something I’m so thrilled to be able to do for and with you. That you and Saynine share a friendship and great mutual respect means the scene will be that much more satisfying.

    No one lifts weights because they want to hurt their body – we push ourselves to get stronger, to show off, to face the challenge and enjoy the endorphins we get from the struggle. Saynine and I both already think the world of you – there is nothing left to prove, except to yourself. We will be there to play hard and celebrate the exquisite sub you are, so it’s easy for me to tell you that I know I’ll be proud. you are already everything you need to be to impress the hell out of me.

    Everything you face, you’ll face with me by your side, with Saynine tormenting you, but also admiring every reaction you give him. your submission is a great gift you give us, one I hope to earn by playing as hard as you deserve.

    you have the heart of a warrior, my love, and I’ve seen how you love to go into battle. I can’t wait to experience this with you, to push and admire you, to taunt and adore, and then, when we have turned you inside out and broken down all of those walls you’ve created inside yourself, to sit quietly and remember it all, holding you in my arms and petting my proud, handsome, sexy warrior.

    you are everything I could every dream of, my love. Thank you.

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  3. SlipperyWhnWhet says:

    This and your tweets this morning reminded me of that feeling. *sigh*

    “… sometimes it is so perfect just to ‘be’. Be a body. Be female. Be used. Be sensation. Be subhuman. Simply exist. Who and what I am does not matter, if only for a little while. In that mindset, everything else falls away. I am no one. I am nothing, except for what he needs me to be. I feel complete inner peace, even while my body is writhing in agony and ecstasy…”

    You will be there sooner than I. And although I have enjoyed your torment (you and I are very alike in that), I know you will enjoy everything… including the ginger… eventually… 😉

    And this is one of the things that I absolutely crave, but have a hard time getting to myself without help. I know I’ll enjoy it too, eventually, I’m just eager to get to that point, that point beyond my busy mind.

  4. SlipperyWhnWhet says:

    Patience young Jedi… ;P (I hear that a lot…)

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