Soft Job

I really like blow jobs.  I like giving and receiving them.  And, for those of you keeping score from home, I’m not just talking about oral sex involving the sex organs I was born with.  I’m talking lips wrapped around a  silicone cock, also.

I’ve seen a number of butches post about phenomenon of getting off through their strap-ons.  There are believers and scoffers.  Having experienced some mind-blowing orgasms while having my strap-on blown, clearly, I’m a believer.  For me there’s a physical and a mental aspect to that climax.  Physically, with the base of a strap-on pressing rhythmically against my clit, plus the visual stimulus of a lover bobbing up and down on my cock, with all the bells and whistles… well, to say I become aroused is an understatement.

The clit bumping I’ve described can be incidental, a consequence of the natural motion of a mouth moving up and down on a cock, or it can be done with intent.  When that happens, you’ve got a potentially explosive situation on your hands, or er, their hands, I suppose.  I’m happy to report that I’ve found someone who is so good at giving me blowjobs, she made me come through my packy.

That’s right, Roxy is not only a virtuoso with a strap-on, she can rock my world blowing my soft pack as well.  Roxy is a sexy enchantress who gives me magic blow-jobs.

She’s given head to my packy before, but usually as a warm-up to the main show.  Let me set the stage.  This was the first night of my recent visit.   We’re in the love nest Roxy created in her garage.  It’s late and the lighting is soft.  I’m stretched out on the bed, she’s pulling my shorts down.  Every step is seduction, every moment is about her seductive power over me.  She lowers her face, nose against my briefs, drawing in a deep breath.  She looks at me with the eyes of a predator, she’s in control and she knows it.  I barely move a muscle, barely breathe, I don’t want to miss anything, don’t want to interfere with the master artist at work.

Her warm hands are on my thighs and I draw in a deep breath.  Still fixing me with that steady gaze, she reaches in and pulls my cock out, making me gasp.   She holds me, cradles me with a gentle squeeze, then lowers her mouth, bathing the head with her tongue.  I shudder, grabbing the bed frame and watching intently.  She begins to suck my cock, pulling gently upward, squeezing my balls.  A shot of electricity goes through me.  I can feel it, I swear, I can feel her mouth on me, feel the tension building up.

She’s bobbing up and down, moaning around my dick and I’m moaning, too, pressing upward against the pressure of her hand and mouth.  My thighs tense and my hips come up,  and she braces for my orgasm.   Pressing down against the base of my cock, drawing me deeply into her mouth, the feeling overwhelms me.  I grit my teeth against the howl building up and that feeling of electricity coalesces into a white hot flame as I come long and hard, her moans egging me on, my fingers tangled in her hair.  After long minutes, I collapse back on the bed, legs and mind limp.  She strokes me gently, kissing my thighs, a low chuckle as she sees how incapacitated I am.  Soon she’s in my arms, kissing me.

Her eyes are liquid, warm, alive with love and amazement.  “Baby” I tell her, “That was amazing, I didn’t know I could come through my packy.. you are amazing and magical.  I love you so much.”

“No, you’re the amazing one” She ways this with a kind of wonder in her voice. “Baby, I felt you come, in my mouth, down my throat.  I felt it all.”

How do you explain that kind of magic?  We connect on a level that doesn’t make rational sense.  When we’re together, physically, electronically, whatever, we create our own reality.  We instantiate it, we live in it, it is real.   I realize not everyone has had this kind of experience and I guess that justifies some skepticism.  All I can say is, maybe you haven’t felt it *yet*, but it is definitely possible.  I think it takes a special partner and the suspension of disbelief.  Ok, let me revise that, it’s not about disbelief at all, it’s about belief.  I have a partner who believes in the same kind of magic I do.

We both believe in, and have experienced, the connection I have with my ‘equipment’.  When I’m packing or strapped-on, that equipment is an extension of me, not an inanimate object, but a living part of my identity.

You may still be skeptical, you may still scoff at the idea that a person with female sexual organs can experience orgasms via their penile proxies.  Believe what you will, I’m not in a position to convince you otherwise (and yeah, go ahead and imagine what position that would be).  Whether or not you believe in this magic, I’m going to continue having mind-bending orgasms thanks to my loving and creative girlfriend and her masterful, sexual alchemy.  To my fellow believers, high fives.  To the unbelievers, I offer my sympathies.



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