Microfantasy Monday, week 93: Scents

Ang, the Sweltering Celt, has posted a theme for week 93:

Home from Montana.  Wow, what a great vacation!  We did a ton of stuff and relaxed too.  Glacier Park is as awesome as I remember, but to be honest the best part of the vacation was what happened when I opened the car door upon arriving at our cabin.  I was assaulted with all the smells I had forgotten exist in that part of the forest, and hadn’t smelled for at least 15 years.  In honor of that, this week I present you with the following theme: Scents.  Have at it!

Here’s what I did with that prompt:

Even before I opened the box, I could smell roses.  Ever since I smelled her skin that first time, roses have been her flower, a symbol and reminder of her sensual, sexy presence in my life.  In my boxes of Roxy keepsakes, I’ve got dried roses and scented lotions squirreled away.   I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened one of those boxes to take in a deep breath of her before turning out the light and laying my head down to sleep.

In my dreams, she comes to me wreathed in roses.  She stretches out, inviting my dream-self to embrace her.  In the crook of her neck I smell roses and the warm sunshine smell of her body.  Trailing my tongue down her body, I smell roses and the salty-sweet tang of her sex.  The flower between her legs is the most gorgeous rose I’ve ever seen, blooming under the attentions of my mouth.  Always ripe, glowing with color and filling my senses.



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