Microfantasy Monday, week 90: Positive

In her post on this week’s MfM theme, Ang says:

Wow. This last week has been hell for a great many reasons, but it’s a new day and so is tomorrow so this week, let’s all write something…


Your version of positivity might be different than someone else’s – who cares? Positive is positive. Let’s all give each other some positive.

I was sure I’d turned off the coffee maker.  In fact, I was positive, so why was I consumed with this nagging sense that I’d left it on?  I should have kept going, should have trusted myself after all this time, after years of following a well-worn series of steps every morning before work.  I cursed out loud as I turned my truck around and headed back home, ashamed at myself for falling victim to such an old obsession, but unable to cast that nagging fear aside. When it hit me, it was always something hot — the coffee maker, the iron, the heater — something my overblown imagination could turn into a fire starter.  It hadn’t happened in a long time, but that clammy feeling in my belly and my hands was not something I could forget or override.  I told myself would just go in and double check the coffee maker and then head back to work, and be rid of the fear that my house would be consumed by flames during the day.

I pulled up in front of my house and stomped up the front walk, unhappy with myself.  Sure enough, my coffee maker was off, sitting there on the counter, looking at me innocently from its corner.  I actually put my hands on my hips and cursed myself, then took a deep breath and turned, heading back to the front door.

A flash of color and movement from my back yard caught the corner of my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks.  I stared out the window, as adrenaline hit and my face grew warm.  In my back yard, lounging in my hammock like it belonged to her, was a gorgeous woman in a light-weight, flowing dress.  She looked so at home, I felt like I was the one trespassing as my eyes traveled the length of her, from shining hair to bare feet.  My face grew even warmer as she pulled up her dress.

She was exposing herself to the morning sun, which was, at that moment, perfectly aligned with the bottom half of the hammock.  My jaw dropped as her hands slid between her legs, opening herself up to her lover, the Sun.  I imagined how it felt when those beams of light entered her, wondering if it warmed her as much as I was warmed watching her.  I was certain this was not the first time my next door neighbor had snuck into my back yard to pleasure herself in the morning glow.  She was too at ease, knew too well the right moment to take position in my hammock.   Apparently, she also knew when I left for work in the morning, slave to habit that I was.

Ok, so I’d wasted time coming home to check a coffee pot that was not building up destructive heat.  That was the negative.  But here I was, standing in my kitchen, watching her slick fingers work their way from clit to hole, her back arching and her mouth open.  My jaw was open as well as I pondered her beautiful mouth, and that body.. not to mention those obviously experienced hands.  I opened up the front of my jeans and decided that today’s delay was, in fact, a positive.

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