Butch Voices Portland Update

Plans for the Portland Butch Voices conference are shaping up nicely.  We received about 24 submissions for 16 session slots and the programming committee is hard at work making the final selections.  I’m still waiting to see if my Genderqueer session will be included, but I’m very happy to see that Bren Ryder is going to do a workshop on Butches in Porn.  I feel partially responsible for that, since I gave Bren a big nudge a few months ago asking if she’d consider doing something around that subject for the conference.

We have a keynote speaker, Kathleen Saadat:

BUTCH Voices is honored to announce Kathleen Saadat as our Keynote Speaker for the upcoming BUTCH Voices Portland Regional Conference on Saturday, October 2, 2010.  Ms. Saadat is currently the Diversity Director at Cascade AIDS Project, and a long time trainer, public speaker and activist who has achieved numerous awards and been a part of so many amazing organizations.

Although the conference officially starts Saturday, there will be entertainment Friday night. This pre-conference show is headlined by Swell –  So The Story Goes, featuring the considerable talents of  Ivan Coyote, Lyndell Montgomery and Anna Camilleri.  We’re also hoping to have a meet and greet space available Friday night.   And, if all goes well, there will be a Butch Voices Play Party.  Something for eveyone, indeed.

Saturday night the action will be at the Hawthorne Theater with the Butch Buffet, a variety show of Butch splendor and talent.  Following that multi-act entertainment feast, get your Butch Dessert at the E-Room.

And, for those who still haven’t had enough butch exposure by Sunday, there will be a spoken word show, an art show, perhaps a butch brunch spot, and to wrap it all up, Sunday night Karaoke.

There are plenty of details still being worked out, and we certainly need more volunteers to help us run this event smoothly.  I know the Registration area still needs volunteers, so if you’re up to meeting and greeting a couple hundred or so butches Saturday morning, please let me know.  My Registration Co-Chair, Roxy, and I would welcome the help.

Things are crystallizing and developing every day, so to keep up with all the latest announcements, keep your browser pointed to the Butch Voices Portland webpage.

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