Butch Voices Las Angeles.. the workshop list is out

Butch Voices Las Angeles will be held October 8-10th and they’ve just published their list of workshops and presenters.  Just reading through it gets my juices flowing, check out the list here.


As a teaser, here are a few that catch my eye:

A panel featuring the many nuanced parameters of butch identity and the transmasculine spectrum; Cathy Opie (butch-on-butch photographer) J. Greyson Vega (transmasculine butch), Vallerie Wagner (butch-identified female), Joe LeBlanc (trans-masculine, he-pronoun using), B. Cole (‘masculine of center womyn, female pronoun preference), and Ivy Bottini (feminist butch).  Moderated by Lisa Powell

This interactive roundtable discussion in the format of a talk show will reveal experiences of mis-identifications on the gender continuum, expose the hidden and oft-times unspoken expressions of butch on butch love, and uncover his/herstories of expectations and roles of butch conformity and non-conformity from within our diverse communities and society. An informative & entertaining give-and-take, query one another, and share stories of the varied lives we lead. Topics include: cross-racial relationships, family matters, polyamory, survival-hood, and trans masculinity, among others.
Presenter: Alice Y. Hom. Roundtable: Chueh Jun-Fung , Ren-yo Hwang, Bo Luengsuraswat, Kimi Mojica, Sandy Lee


A look at how butchphobia and transphobia overlap and intersect, how they differ in meaningful ways, and how they are embedded within broader structures of oppression. The goal of the workshop will be to identify and work through ways that transphobia, butchphobia, gender normativity and other forms of oppression impact political organizing in LGBTQ communities. The format of the workshop will be based on brief comments by facilitators followed by an interactive discussion with all.
Presented by Professor Talia Mae Bettcher and Riel Dupuis-Rossi

and the list goes on in that high quality fashion.  Go check it out, consider attending and consider volunteering.

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