Adding to my Genderqueer/Butch/Trans blog list

I’ve just added two entries to my page of Genderqueer/Butch/Trans blogs.  Both blog are in their inaugural years, so you can still get in on the ground floor.

Andi is one of my friends from Twitter and someone who also found love there (hey hey, Saintchick).  Just to give you an idea of the tone Andi’s putting out there on her blog, this is a quote from the first post, “Fancy, right? I’m a fancy motherfucker!”

[a] is someone I only met a few days ago, via an email he sent me asking if he could add Butchtastic to his blogroll.  I quickly browsed on over to his blog and responded with a hearty ‘Yes!’.  We share many adjectives and interests — genderqueer, kinky, writer, poly, BDSM — plus, he’s got lots of other, non-overlapping areas that I’m looking forward to reading about.

Go on over there and introduce yourselves, make sure to wipe your feet and use the coasters.  Enjoy.

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