thank yous

Sometimes she blows me away, surprises me, ambushes me with love and praise and knocks the wind out of me… like this from last night:

… there’s so much I want to say
Thank you for coming down here
thank you for playing {super secret hobby} with me
thank you for putting up with difficult political situations to be with me
thank you for loving me and the things I do
thank you for doing yoga and letting me watch
thank you for being so sexy I sometimes think I’ll explode
thank you for being worth turning my life upside down
thank you for giving me a new sense of myself
thank you for understanding that I have kids and you have kids and so our time together is difficult at best sometimes
thank you for being compassionate and empathetic
I want you so much
every day, every hour
I love you more than I ever thought possible
and you have taught me so much
I would have been lost this year without you
you’ve stood by me
and loved me so fiercely
even when I’m all covered with spikes and spitting fire
but… to think I deserved it
I would’ve had to be the best person ever to deserve this
so someone’s obviously being nice
I adore you
I see you
and you are gorgeous
you are everything I want
you set me on fire
and you teach me and love me so well…I don’t want anything else

(she’s telling me this while we have our webcams up, and by this time, I’m wiping tears from my eyes)

I should say this all more often
so you’ll get more practice
I think it all the time
I just forget to say it out loud
sometimes I just say, “good morning, my love” for short

honey, I know, I hear you even when you don’t do it in words
I do know, baby
you say it a million ways
your face says it
your smiles
your pictures
I can feel it at this distance

… and if there’s a ‘secret’ to why we are still together, why we still love and desire each other so fiercely, why we are willing to put up with the vast stretches of time apart, it is this simple thing:  we say ‘I love you’ in more ways that can be counted and we say it often.

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