Microfantasy Monday, week 89: Sweat

From Ang, the Sweltering Celt, on this week’s Microfantasy Monday theme:

I am taking a break from heavy duty chores in horrid summer heat to bring you this week’s MfM theme:  Sweat

This is part of the continuing story of Jude and Kate, first introduced in MFM, week 30, continued here and here.

It was ridiculously hot, one of those days when the air is so hot it presses in on you and makes it hurt to breathe.  It would have been a great day to head to the watering hole, that cool, deep bend in the river would wash away the dust that was sticking all over Jude’s body, bonded to him by the buckets of sweat pouring out of his skin.

Jude shook his head, dismissing the cool, green, watery thoughts.  It’d do no good to daydream, that wouldn’t get the work done and this fence wasn’t going to repair itself.  He let himself fall back into a rhythm with the post hole digger.  Down with a ‘Thup!’, wrench it back and forth, spread the handles to capture some dirt and back up with the sibilant sound of dry dirt across metal blades.   ‘Thud!’ as the weight of it hit the ground next to the hole, where a small pile was building up.  The sweat was building up, too.  Trickling down his back, puddling at his belt line, running off his head like a spigot.  He’d almost given up trying to wipe it from his face, the sleeves of his work shirt were soaked already.

The next ‘Thup!’ went down as usual, but right when he was ready to pull the last load of dirt out of the hole, he was hit full in the back by something that felt as hard as concrete.  The concrete broke up quickly and drenched him, splashing up across his head, knocking off his hat, and running down his body to pool up in his boots.  The sensation of bracing cold took his breath away for a long second and he stood still, relishing the feeling.  He turned around quickly, to discover the source this surprise shower.

“Oh, girl, now you’ve done it!”

Kate was standing there, holding the bucket, laughing so hard she’d started to snort, “Ha! You look me in the eyes and tell me you weren’t just thinking about how nice it’d be to cool off!”

And he did look right at her and when she saw the look in his eyes, hers became wide.  In two giant strides, he was reaching for her and she barely avoided his grasp, turning on her heel and running for the barn.   He could have caught her quickly, but this was the most fun he’d had all day, no reason to rush it.

She tossed the bucket back at him, buying herself a few seconds, as she dashed around toward the far side of the barn.  By the time he came around the corner, she was out of sight.  He stopped, breathing hard, smile on his face and eyes searching.  Ahhh.. there she was.  He could see her boots under a stall wall about half way down the stable.  He chuckled quietly to himself and walked to the hose stand.  Kinking the hose, he turned on the water and walked as quietly as possible toward that stall.  Rounding the corner, he opened up the stream, hitting her square in the chest.  She shrieked and then came at him.  For a few minutes, they wrestled for control over the hose, both becoming soaked in the process.  She was stronger than he’d remembered, those weightlifting classes at college were making a difference.

Jude realized he was gonna have to play dirty if he was gonna keep her from turning that hose back on him again.  He pushed his thigh between her legs and lifted upward slightly.

The hose dropped to the floor, water still pouring out, making a mess they’d have to clean up, later.  She shifted her weight, spreading her knees so he could stand between them.  There was a sudden heat between them, contrasting with the drenching cold they’d given each other moments before.  Her hands went around his waist, his hands went to the top of the stall wall, his hips slowly and rhythmically pressing into her.  She sighed and met his lips.  She kissed him on the  mouth, then across his cheek until her face was nestled in the crook of his shoulder.  She could smell his musky odor, the salt on his skin.  He tasted like sex and heat and long summer nights.  She wrapped one leg around his hips, pressing urgently against him.  It was late afternoon, the other hands would be riding back at any moment.  They had to be fast.

He responded to her, moving in a way he knew would bring them both to climax quickly.  He pressed his face against her damp hair, smelling roses and light sweat.  How many nights did he lie in bed conjuring up that smell?  She groaned into his shoulder, shuddering and crying out softly seconds before his muscles grew rigid and he pulsed his orgasm into her.

She softened into him.  He wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up and holding her tightly.

“They’ll be back soon, baby” he murmured into her hair, nuzzling her.

She sighed her agreement and wrapped her legs around him, squeezing him in return.  As they broke their embrace, and she pulled his face down for a last kiss.  “We’d better turn off the water and clean this up, it’ll be hard to explain, lover.”

She turned to walk back up to the faucet and he slapped her ass and watched her walk away, grinning big and giving her a low wolf-whistle for her efforts.

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