Microfantasy Monday, week 88: gettin’ geeky

From Ang, the Sweltering Celt, on this week’s Microfantasy Monday theme:

88 is such an interesting number.  It could represent so many different things – four eyes, twice infinity, the speed we need to reach to go back in time…

And since I’m feeling pretty geeky tonight, your theme is going to revolve around something geeky.  Anything geeky.  Tweak it however you like.


I was cruising into the station, about to switch from auto to manual when a voice came over my headphones.

“GQ515-oh.. GQ515-oh.. better trim that heat or we’re gonna have a situation down here.”

Even though most station traffic controllers use the same lingo and tones, certain voices stand out and this was a voice I always hoped I’d hear when I came into this station, so smooth and sultry it loosed all the knots in my body and tied a few new ones.

“Roger that, Station Boss, I’ll trim speed, but I’m still a bit hot… ” I drawled in response.

“GQ515-oh, I read ya, but if you can come in nice and easy, we’ll slide you right in with no complaints.”

Goddamn.. I swear, she tries to get me to crack up on air and it about kills me to hold back.

“Roger than, Station Boss, my slide in will leave no complaints, that’s a promise.”

It wasn’t long before I was strollin’ down my gangway, hoping for a hot shower and a long sit at the station cantina.  I was rounding the corner toward the locker rooms when I heard that distinctive voice behind me.

“GQ515-oh… I believe you promised me a slide in, Captain… “

I stopped in my tracks.

“… and this time, I’m gonna authorize a hot re-entry…”


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