Microfantasy Monday, week 87: Flying

“Flying” is the Microfantasy Monday theme for week 87 as posted by The Sweltering Celt.  This is what that theme inspired me to write:


I miss her.  My body and soul ache for her and it’s going to be weeks and weeks before I can hold her again.   I switch off the light and lie back, sliding one hand between my legs.  Pushing back the present, I reach for her through my memories, flying through time and across space.

I’ve made this flight enough times to visualize myself soaring above the clouds, looking down at the cities, towns and farmland below, seeing mountain ranges reduced to wrinkles in a green blanket.  Tracing the shoreline with my eyes, I look forward eagerly for the first glimpse of the runway.  I mentally fast forward.

…. her skin is smooth and warm and smells of roses.  My fingers make contact, running lightly from shoulder to hip as I slide into place behind her in her bed.  She sighs deeply and leans back into me.  I reach around her, palming her belly, then gently cupping a breast while kissing the back of her neck.  Her breathing speeds up a bit and she pushes her ass against my groin.

She’s coming out of her sleep, aware of my presence, “Baby? .. How?  …You’re here?”

“Yes, my love, I’m here… ” She shifts her body, rolling over so I can press my mouth into her lips and run my hand across her sweet skin.

No distance can keep me from her, I can close my eyes and fly to her, no matter where my body happens to be.

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