Half-Nekkid Thursday: wet

It’s time for some nekkidness around here, and some wetness too.. how bout some nekkid wetness?

Ok, technically, I’m fully nekkid but you can only see half of me and are you really gonna complain about broken rules right now?


(A note from Roxy – Wow!  Isn’t he so amazingly fucking hot?  And I’ve been in that shower, against those tiles, rubbing up against that skin to get it nice and “clean”…Yeah, sure, you all made fun of the math geeks back in school, but look at me now, suckers.  That incredible piece of meat is MINE.  Stick *that* in your homecoming dance.)

(A note from Kyle/Casey — oh, my, god.. am I the luckiest queer alive or what?  You know, I was not one of the cool kids in school, got picked on horrendously in junior high and was definitely an outsider. And now look at me.  A hot, gorgeous, smart, funny, mathy geek sex goddess is all over my bidness.  Ha! Tom C and Yolanda and Linda E and the other bitches.. you all can suck my dick.. actually, no, you’re not good enough to suck my dick.  And you can’t watch either, ha!  Anyway, what I mean to say is, I’m incredibly lucky to be loved and adored by Roxy, thank you baby.  Speaking of the unspeakably hot Roxy, check out her take on HNT Wet-ness, guaranteed to prevent dryness anywhere.)


Happy HNT, y’all

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6 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday: wet

  1. Roxy says:

    Whoooooo hoooo!

    I am the luckiest! Thank you, baby, for seeing me the way you do. I love looking at you and I love playing with you – you are so much fun I have to pinch myself sometimes.

    Maybe you could help me with that sometime, eh? 😉

    mmm, yes, I’d love to help you get pinched sometime, lover 😀

    It’s because of your love and praise and hearty approval that I feel so bold in posting HNTs like this. Thank you for your eternal and lusty support of my exhibitionism

  2. Osbasso says:

    Nekkid wetness is the only way to go!

    thank you, sir… though, Miss Roxy did a fine job of promoting the idea of half-nekkid wetness today >;-)

  3. I have to say, this is a pretty awesome CNT. Or FNT? Completely or Fully… I can’t decide which I like better. CNT looks kinda cool… heh… heh heh…

    Um… see what you did to me? I can’t think straight now!

    am I s’posed to apologize for making it so you can’t think straight? naaaa.. I didn’t think so 😉

  4. Ice Empress says:

    Hell yeah I won’t complain about full nekkidness!!! Wooot!

  5. Lyon says:

    Thank you Gods.

    oh good grief, Lyon, now you’re making me blush

  6. *draws deep breath* Suddenly I’m all wet too … and I’m nowhere near the shower!

    xx Dee

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