Half-Nekkid Thursday: webcam exposure

Anyone who follows this blog, or Roxy’s, knows we frequently spend time on the webcam together.  We talk, make faces, blow kisses, and expose skin for each other.  She watches me with my ElderSpawn and is amused by my attempts to contain my squirming Little Bit and I watch as she parents her weasels.  Frequently, Roxy captures webcam shots, which she sometimes sends to me.

I love doing sexy things for her and drool when she returns the favor (her bed is in view of the webcam.. I’ll let you imagine the possibilities for a moment..

… need a few more moments with that?  Ok.. here we go).

A couple of nights ago, I was wearing my red western shirt, with the snaps down the front.. really nice for that dramatic rip-the-shirt-open effect.


At some point, when we were without children for a few moments, I pulled my snaps, one by one, to titillate her and express my friskiness…

She was feeling frisky, too, flashing me and making all kinds of suggestive comments….

I really like her.  She makes me laugh and smile and squirm in my seat.  She makes me very happy..


… and someday I should post some of the shots I capture from my side of the webcam 😉


Happy HNT, y’all

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