Half-Nekkid Thursday: blur

One fairly constant condition in my life is that I’m always busy.  The only way to get me to stop thinking about and working on projects is to uproot me from my life and send me on vacation somewhere.  One such break is coming up, starting this Saturday, when I fly down to visit Roxy for a few days.

In the meantime, life is a blur of schedules and random needs.  My days start at 6 am when I walk, half-asleep, into the bathroom for my shower.  If I’m lucky, I get about 30 more minutes of quiet alone time before waking up my ElderSpawn.  During the quiet time, I make toast for my wife and me, get the coffee started, bring in the newspaper and contemplate my day.  Every morning, I check in with Roxy.  Sometimes we have a moment or two to compare notes on how well we slept, or what’s in store for us that day.  Sometimes, we’ve got our webcams on and I get to start my day looking at her beautiful face.

Soon my chatty 10 year old is up, sharing the comics with me, eating her breakfast and telling me about her dreams.  Sometimes the baby wakes up early too, so she’ll be rambling around the dining room, eating the cheerios we’ve put out for her, chatting and laughing to get her big sister’s attention.

Then I’m off to work, pedaling my way toward an eight-hour day.  Evenings are dinner, the ElderSpawn’s  soccer games, meetings, social opportunities with friends, sleepovers, finding time to write, caring for the baby so my wife can get a break, doing chores, making plans, spending time on webcam with Roxy, bedtime stories, TV time with my wife, last snuggles with the baby and then to bed, sometimes too tired to even think about wanking.

Happy HNT, y’all

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