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I’m finding that I have so much to talk about that if I waited until Sunday, my SBDR post would be humongous, so here’s some stuff to catch you up:

Yesterday afternoon, my family plus ElderSpawn’s best friend drove north to see KOOZA, one of the currently touring Cirque du Soleil shows.   We’ve been going to Cirque du Soleil shows for years and this was Little Bit’s first.  We had an awesome time, the show was fun, the humor was a bit risqué, but not too much for the kids (I think).  Best act, by far, Wheels of Death.

As posted earlier this week, I’ve submitted a session abstract for BUTCH Voices Portland, for a session/discussion on Genderqueer.  I’m excited to lead that discussion and really psyched about meeting other people who see themselves as genderqueer.  There’s so much to learn about genders that don’t fall neatly into the either/or binary construct.

This week’s HNT celebrates the triumphant final game of my team’s spring soccer season.  Though it was a hard-fought, evenly balanced game, my team topped the opposition to claim the league championship.  As much as I love soccer, I also enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays.

Here are some cool things from the blogosphere, both of these are about parenting from a queer perspective:

Do You Want to Be Called He or She? by Shar Rednour on the Good Vibrations Magazine site

He said, “your kids are so awesome. They made my friend feel great because they asked if Jillian wanted to be called he or she. That’s cool. I never heard that before. Kids always ask are you a boy or a girl?”

Moment of Realness, by Lesbian Dad

Except he is himself, and for a flicker, I see this in his eyes, and I wonder perhaps whether when he was looking at my boy, he didn’t see an object for derision, but maybe himself, a dozen or so years ago.


Lastly, a bit of not so fun reality.

I have a very good life, a lot of things go my way but occasionally I get stressed out about the future.  My livelihood is currently tied to the budget of Washington State, so each time I read an article about budget shortfalls, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.  I’m good until next year, but by this time in 2011, I might be scrambling.  Being a contractor is mostly pretty cool.  We work hard, we get paid, we sometimes get to do cool shit.  On the other hand, we’re not permanently employed, we don’t get FTE benefits.  No sick leave or paid vacation days for us.   This economy is a real buzz kill.  I really hope it turns positive soon enough to make a difference, the kind of difference that doesn’t mean I need to start looking for a job that requires I drive out of town for.   Not only do I love the freedom of being able to ride my bike to work, I value the time I get to spend with my family in the evening.


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