Suburban Butch Dad Report: a quicky for 6/15/2010

Wow!  What a busy, fun, full weekend.  Roxy and her kids drove up from the Bay Area to visit my family, which would have been a big deal all on its own.  It was also Olympia Pride weekend, with rally and entertainment on Saturday and the Parade on Sunday.  It’s going to take me a little while to sort out everything that happened, but here are some highlights:

  • Roxy and the weasels meeting Little Bit for the first time, having watched her from birth to 10 months on the webcam.  LB was fascinated with the kids, especially Weasel#2, who is the closest in age to her.. he’s a bigger person, but smaller than the rest and that made him an interesting one to observe.
  • Playing soccer for the league championship with Roxy in attendance and having an awesome, exciting and, ultimately, victorious game.
  • I handed out close to 100 Butch Voices flyers on Sunday, to people lining up to watch the parade.  It was fun seeing people’s faces light up at the idea of a Butch event.   Some of them lit up at the idea of a large number of butch people in one place for the purposes of hunting admiring them, while others lit up at the idea of hanging out with fellow butches.  Young, old, tattooed and pierced, conservative and family oriented, and all combinations you can imagine…  it was great fun being the face of Butch Voices for these people, some of whom will hopefully join us in Portland this October.
  • It was the first Pride event for Roxy and it was really cool to be able to introduce her to the wild and wacky world of small town queer pride.
  • Dinner Sunday night was awesome.  Roxy, Mrs. Kyle and I collaborated and produced grilled chicken and asparagus, melon, crusty sourdough bread, accompanied by Roxy’s phenomenal sautéed mushrooms.  Then the kids went to the family room for a movie and the adults, plus Little Bit, got to hang out for a bit.
  • Saturday night I visited Roxy at her hotel, for a hot, heavy and extremely quiet several hours of sex and love and mutual enjoyment.
  • Walking the Watershed Park trail with Roxy and all our big kids, delighting in sharing the natural beauty of my neighborhood and sneaking a lot of touches and kisses and conversation while the kids ran ahead.
  • Roxy and the weasels met me for lunch on Monday and we toured around my building.  It was cool to have time to talk to her kids.  I plan on being around for a long, long time and it’s important to have good relationships with them.
  • Realizing that she had to go home eventually.  We are always grateful for the time we have, and we enjoy it thoroughly but it was really hard to say goodbye to her this morning.  This area seems to suit her (and not just because I’m here).
  • Stolen glances, coded conversations, laundry room assaults and those casual-looking but highly calculated physical contacts.
  • The feeling of her hair in my fist, her eyes lowered, her body trembling with desire and happiness and the calm, strong, wonderful feeling of love wrapping itself around us as she kissed my hand and then rested her head against my knee.

I’ll have more for you soon, as soon as I get caught up with myself.  Take care, y’all.

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