Reviewing the Deluxe Packing Pouch

As soon as I saw the Deluxe Packing Pouch on Babeland’s product review list, I fired an email back requesting one to try out.  That product, created by Gear Guy Gear, was practically calling my name.

In Sinclair’s review of the Deluxe Packing Pouch, she gets a bit of a chuckle describing a situation where a packing cock gets loose in a public restroom.  Not that it happened to her, except for in her nightmares.  Not long after that post, Jesse James posted a gut-bustingly humorous story of a time when her packy attempted to escape down her pant leg while she was shopping at a home improvement store.

Now it’s my turn to tell stories on myself and the wayward ways of my packy.   Not only has my packy dropped out onto a public restroom floor, it’s happened more than once.   I remember the way my heart stopped as I lunged down to pick it up.  Luckily, there was no one else in the restroom at that moment, and also, luckily, packies don’t bounce very far.

An even more scary escape attempt happened at home, in my yard.  It was last year, late summer I think, because the grass was a dormant, bristly yellow.  I was wearing shorts, so things weren’t as secure as they could be.  I’d been working in the yard, lots of movement, things jostling around inside my briefs and I knew the packy was off-center at least.  I figured I’d right the ship on my next bathroom trip.  Partway across the yard, in full view if anyone had been looking out a window, or hanging in my neighbor’s back yard, my cock fell out.   Another heart stopping moment as I hastily grabbed up the escapee and shoved it into my pocket.  Once it was securely hidden, and feeling every shade of red on my face, I looked around to make sure there were no witnesses.

All of these unfortunate situations pointed to one conclusion:  I needed a way to keep my dick in my pants.

I’ve seen the packing strap style of packy holders before, but haven’t tried any out because I don’t want another waist band to keep in place.   I’d heard of packing pouches using Velcro to attach to briefs before, but was skeptical about how that would work.  I imagined having to sew Velcro strips into my briefs so they’d attach to the Velcro of the pouch.   However, when Babeland offered these Deluxe Packing Pouches for review, I realized it was my chance to find out if they were really a solution to the dick-on-the-floor problem or not.

I’ve been using my pouch on a daily basis since I got it about a month ago and I can say, without hesitation, yes, this is a great solution.   And attaching the pouch to my briefs?  Simple and effective.  I haven’t had any slippage at all.  In shorts, with all kinds of movement and activity, no matter what, this pouch — and the packy it holds — stays where you put it.  One of the things Sinclair mentioned was worrying that having the pouch, and packy, connected to briefs might make it feel less connected to the butch.  I haven’t had that issue at all.  Once my briefs are pulled on, it all feels right and once the whole package is enclosed in button fly jeans, well, there’s no question it belongs to me.  I don’t know if a packing strap style holder would feel more attached to me, or not.  Something to try in the future, I guess.

Some illustrations, clockwise, starting with the upper-left corner:

1. My test cases:  boxers, knit boxers, briefs and bikinis

2. Close up on how it attaches, the fibrous Velcro grabs onto the fibers of your briefs.

3. Deluxe Packing Pouch installed in my tighty whities.

4. The final result, fully installed and secured

Besides the benefit of not losing my junk in public, here are some other situations where I’ve benefited from the Deluxe Packing Pouch:

  • The idea of using a port-a-potty while packing used to be a fearful prospect, and one to be avoided.  The idea of falling out in there was mortifying.  I can report to you that having your cock in a Packing Pouch keeps it secure in that environment, as well.  One less thing to worry about.
  • When getting hot and heavy with my girlfriend, I don’t worry about my cock tumbling out and getting lost, she can yank down my briefs and get busy.
  • When getting hot and heavy with myself, in the comfort of my truck, for example, I can slide my hand behind the packy and get busy.  Once my business has been concluded, my cock is ready without a lot of awkward fumbling.

Someone asked me if I could use the Packing Pouch in women’s panties, and I confess I haven’t tried it yet.  My guess would be that it would work, but it really depends on the material it’s binding to.  It would probably bind to nylon or silky type materials, but would also probably destroy them over time.  I’ve noticed that repeated attachment/detachment of the pouch causes the cloth of my briefs to ‘fuzz up’.  I also note that the attachment is more secure with a wider elastic band, versus my bikini briefs which seem a little more tenuous.   I’m looking forward to buying a jock strap and trying my pouch in it because I think it’ll work brilliantly, not to mention, I’m looking forward to seeing Roxy’s expression when I model it for her.


  • Full pouch size: 7″ x 3″
  • Hole diameter: 1″ to 2-1/4″ (stretch)
  • Hand-washable, nylon material
  • $18.00 (at time of review)
  • Instructions included on how to get your packy into the pouch.   I recommend following them, and be gentle with your cock while working it through the pouch opening.  The packy’s balls stay inside the pouch.

Though I haven’t tried a packing strap yet, I have no reservation giving this product my highest marks.  Five boots for the Deluxe Packing Pouch.  It has made my packing experience more secure and for that I and my packing cock are eternally grateful.  As are all the people who don’t know how close they’ve came to seeing my poor packy flopping on the floor.


Disclaimer:  I don’t receive payment for reviewing Babeland products, but I do get to keep everything I review.  I’m under no pressure to provide positive reviews and I promise to give you the truth about each product as I see it.


This content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.

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