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I have a little obsession with regard to my blog stats.  There are days I click refresh with an unhealthy frequency.  Sometimes, however, watching the stats page pays off, as it did yesterday.  I saw an incoming link from a blog I didn’t recognize.  I hovered over the link, thinking it might be from an e[lust] or Pleasurists link, but it wasn’t either of those and the count of incoming visitors from that post was unusually high.  The post title piqued my curiosity:


Crap that irritates me about kinky bloggers.


Wow… irritating crap? … and it linked back to this blog?  I hastened over to The Hathor Legacy to see what it was I’d done to be included in a list of irritating crappy kinky bloggers and got a pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t being used as an example of bad blogging, I was being called out in a positive way.  Maria thinks I’m ‘pretty neat’ and that’s a far cry from crappy and irritating.  Some of my blogger friends were also hailed in the ‘good’ list:  Nadia West, the Kinky Librarian, Essinem and Epiphora.  The other bloggers mentioned were Belle du Jour and Ruby’s Diary.  Go check it out and see if you agree with her list of things that are irritating in kinky blogs.  Recognize anything in your own blog or blogs you read?  It’s a pretty well reasoned list and even though she thinks I’m pretty neat, I saw a few things I could learn from in her post.

So … 😉 … thanks Maria, I appreciate the shout out.

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