Half-Nekkid Thursday: dirty work

Yesterday afternoon, a rare opportunity presented itself:  my co-workers left for the day and I still had an hour of my workday left.

I mentioned this to Roxy, who immediately had ideas about how I could take advantage of my ‘alone time’.


What she didn’t realize, was how far I’d go in taking advantage.. of the time and of myself.   I told her that I’d closed the team room door and that I was loosening my belt and button fly.  She took it from there, spinning a story of corruption, domination and dirty sex under color of authority that had me juiced up and hard in no time at all.   Yeah, it worked so well I stroked myself to 4 orgasms in short order.

Here’s a little of the tale She was telling …   and, no, there’s not much response from me.. my hands were busy.

roxy: hands on the car, sir…
roxy: *pushing you a bit harder than necessary against the car*
roxy: Legs apart
roxy: *using the stick, whacking your thighs just a tad too hard*
roxy: *letting my gloved hand slide over your ass and down one thigh*
roxy: Mmmm…feels like we’re gonna have to do a strip search
roxy: *reaching around to the front of you, ignoring your protests*
roxy: Sir, I would hate to have to call in this parking ticket
roxy: seems you forgot to pay it awhile back…that would be awkward to explain to a judge…
roxy: *stroking the front of your jeans*
roxy: I’m sure we could come to an agreement right here
roxy: *pulling your jeans open, stroking your rock-hard cock through your briefs*
roxy: *suddenly jerking your jeans down to your knees*
roxy: *letting a gloved hand slide up your thigh and over your cock, my wrist pulling up against you*
roxy: *sliding my hands down your sides and into your briefs, pushing them down*
roxy: I need to do a very thorough search, Sir
roxy: *one finger sliding along your crack, then the sound of my belt coming off*
roxy: *pulling my pants open, reaching in and pulling out my cock*
roxy: *pressing up against you*  You ready, sir?
roxy: *I position my cock head right at your ass and start to press in, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you back and up, tilted for easy access*
kyle: mmmfff
kyle: gggrrrr
roxy: *I spit onto my hand, and rub it roughly inside your crack and over my cock and then thrust in hard*
roxy: *grabbing your cock in my left hand, my right on your back, holding you down, I start the rhythm…
roxy: *my glove is cold and slick against your cock…but warms up fast as I pump*
roxy: *I start to grunt and thrust harder*
roxy: *squeezing your cock almost too hard to take*
roxy: *I wanna feel you come, boy, all over the ground*
kyle: mmmmmm
roxy: *stroking you just right, squeezing and kneading like a pussy wrapped around you*
kyle: ohgod
roxy: *my right hand starts to pound your back as you feel me grow rigid inside you*
roxy: *I’m thrusting faster, getting harder, stretching your poor abused anus and making you cry out*
roxy: *Grunting loudly, you hear me gasp and then shove you hard against the car, my cock pulsing and squirting inside you*
roxy: *I rock against you a few times, and then suddenly slap your ass and pull out, whipping you around to face me*
roxy: On.  Your.  Knees
roxy: *One hand on your shoulder, I push you to the ground, and grab the back of your head with the other*
roxy: *with a fistful of hair, I pull you in close and shove my half-flacid cock into your mouth*
roxy: Suck me clean, boy
kyle: yesssirrrr
roxy: *one hand in your hair, I pull your head onto me like a rag doll, filling your mouth with cock and come and more*
roxy: *leaning forward, I push you back against the body of the car, so your head hits the metal on every thrust*
roxy: *You feel my cock grow hard and thick in your mouth*
roxy: *your mouth stretches and strains to contain me as I slip between your lips and thrust over your tongue*
roxy: *Still shoving you against the car, my strokes quicken and my thighs get tense*
roxy: *the fist in your hair twists even harder, pulling your face right up against my bush, my balls knocking your chin*
roxy: *you feel me tense and start to shudder as come shoots down your throat*
kyle: ohfuck
roxy: *I pull you harder to me, nearly choking you in come, your face hard against me*
roxy: *Then, abruptly, I pull out, and shoot the rest of my load on your face, your cheeks, your forehead
kyle: ssssssssss
roxy: hot, oozing liquid running down your face*
roxy: Come for me, boy
roxy: I wanna see you come
roxy: *He draws his weapon*
kyle: ohgod



Happy HNT, y’all

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