Another butch/trans/genderqueer site to watch out for

I’ve created a new page to contain my list of Butch/Genderqueer/Genderfluid/Genderfucking/Trans blogs to watch out for.  As I come across new ones, I’ll add them to that page and post a little update notice here.  For example…

butchboi:  this site is run by the infamous Leo, of the Big Pink House.  This is a site for cruising and networking, for those who identify as butch, boi, trans, gender queer, stud, drag king & their friends.  The free membership opens up some features: forums, events and cruising, videos and a chatroom.  The Cruising feature is fun, you can hone in your search by age, geography with more features available to subscribers.  Check out the tweets from @ButchBoiLeo and @ButchBoi and @BigPinkHouse to keep up with the ButchBoi happenins.



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