And still more Butch/Trans/Genderqueer blogs to check out…

Time to add some blogs to my big list of Butch/Trans/Genderqueer blogs, here are three y’all should check out.  One is very new, two have been around for a while, take a little time, tour around and see if you agree they’re worth adding to your blog reader and/or blogroll.

Brownie’s blog, Duct Tape Tomatoes, is new since May of this year, but already has me pulled in with her charm and honesty.  I really, really love reading stories about people becoming themselves, it’s not only inspiring, it refuels me.   The latest one that I really loved was The Manicure… butch gets mani/pedi, freezes at nail polish choices and plays Mario Brothers with new little brother.

Dear Diaspora isn’t a new blog, and a lot of you probably already read it, but I’m new to S. L. Bond’s view of the world.  And that view, as communicated on DD is that of a Jewish Dyke and art student living in New Mexico.

Bee Listy is another blogger who’s been at it a while, Bee is a crafty, savvy butch who writes on a variety of topics.  One post that really struck home with me recently was You know what’s awesome?, where Bee speaks of her frustration over the Butch-Trans border wars and wonders why some people don’t think there’s enough masculinity to go around for all those who want to claim it.  Bee tweets as Beelisty.


As always, I invite you to send me your recommendations on Butch, Trans, Genderqueer blogs to add to my list and my reader.  Have a great weekend!

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