Roxy’s April Visit: Collaring My girl, the Ceremony

You know how it is, when you anticipate something for long enough, you get a complete scene built in your head about how things will go.  So it was with the collaring ceremony, where roxy accepted my collar and became My girl.

We had a shared vision of a collaring ceremony in front of the fireplace, the romantic crackle and warm light playing on her skin, lending to the mood.  What we forgot was that it was spring and daylight lasts well into the evening.  It was also a warm day, so the idea of being warmed by the fire wasn’t nearly as appealing.  We decided to forgo the fire and get on with the ceremony.

She knelt on the Liberator throe, her body language saying wicked things to me, wickedsexywanton things I desperately wanted to respond to.  But first, I had to get serious, needed to feel the gravity of the situation.  Needed to be able to say these words without my voice breaking, without bursting into tears from the emotion that was rising in my chest, threatening to split me open:


It is with great pride and deep love that I offer you this collar
This collar is a symbol seen by others, but understood fully by you and me
This collar is a symbol of my strength, given to you
The strength of my hand
The strength of my heart
The strength of my convictions
The strength of my love for you
It is also a symbol of your submission, a gift to me
your strength, following my will
your heart, open to me
your mind, focused and ready
your body, accepting me
I am humbled by the quality and depth of your gift and will accept it with respect and love
I promise to be here for you, forever, to never take your love and service for granted
I promise to always respect the strength and wisdom you bring to this relationship
This collar symbolizes the deep trust you have in me, a trust that I will work daily to earn and strengthen
This collar, given by me, accepted by you, will not be symbolic of an inferior role, you and I know and understand that ours is a partnership, a dance of power between equals
I am honored, proud and very happy to be here, with you, in this moment
my girl, my lover, my friend, my partner
do you accept my collar freely and with joy?


Sure enough, by this point, after having to pause a few times to regain my composure, we both had tears in our eyes.

She said “Yes.. yes, Sir.. thank you, Sir”

Of course, that resulted in more tears, and kisses, both sweet and passionately hard.  I’m trying to come up with the words to describe how it felt to be seated there, with her kneeling below, looking up at me with those impossibly deep eyes.    The love and happiness on her face will stay with me forever.  The way her body moved in supplication, curvaceous, inviting, willing, open.  I think my hands were shaking a bit when I put the collar around her neck and fastened it there.  So much for the big, strong, capable Dom, hmmm?

Wow, she looked so good, kneeling there, collar around her sexy neck, looking up at me expectantly.  For a long moment, I just looked at her, drinking it in, perhaps a little stunned that this gorgeous woman had just given herself to me.  She was very cute when she explained that, quite often, at that point in the ceremony, the participants enjoy a bit of carnal reward.   I grinned big and joined her on the floor, lowering her down onto the throe.  Of course, the floor is a bit hard, so she asked if she could have a pillow (hmm.. do we need a story called “If you give a sub a pillow…”?).  I agreed and fetched one for her, as she remained lusciously displayed on the floor.   Pillow in place, I found my place between her legs, my rough denim and metal studded belt against her sweet, warm skin.   She grimaced, but not from my jeans and belt rubbing against her.  The floor was hard, she reluctantly confessed that maybe sex on the floor was something that worked better in the imagination than in reality.  I had no problem admitting that I would also rather fuck in a bed, so we adjourned to the basement to finalize the ceremony.

This is a poem I wrote to her when I first proposed collaring to her:

be my girl

accept the collar

from my hand

and be my girl


lean on my strength

hold fast to my love

accept my hand

and be my girl


my dear sweet woman

you give so much

you love me so well

please, be my girl


I won’t let you go

you can depend on me

please, come to me,

be my girl


Lover, I want you

Darling, I need you

Woman, I love you

Girl, I give you my strength

Pet, I adore you

my sexy pet

I’m still finding myself as a Dom, as her Sir, but so far the results are promising.  We had time that weekend to play a lot, switching, blending, feeling the full range of power exchange.  In a future post, I’ll tell you all about how I flexed my Dom muscle and showed her exactly what kind of Sir she’d accepted.  To her, my sweet girl, my luscious garden of delights, I give my love and my strength and my undying admiration and support… sweet girl, I love you so much, thank you.  You are an amazing woman and I’m thankful everyday that I have you in my life.

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