Reviewing the GoGirl from Babeland

As soon as the GoGirl showed up on the Babeland review list, I had my hand up like Horshack.  Friends have told me about other STP (stand to pee) devices for women, but those were made of stiff plastic and a bit hard to carry around in stealth mode.

The GoGirl does it right.  Made with flexible, medical-grade silicone, it comes in a small cylindrical container and can be stashed away in a pocket, purse, backpack or glove-box.  It’s flat enough to stash in your pants pocket, if your jeans aren’t too tight.

I decided to test the GoGirl in three different situations.  The first time I used it, I was in the shower.  Even though its design is touted as being ‘mess free’, I wanted to be sure.  Once it passed the shower test, I moved on to the toilet test.  Just as advertised, this device is easy to get into place and I peed straight into the bowl without any errant drips or splashes… and that was my very first time peeing while standing up… how many boys can say that?  They include a couple of tissues so you can clean up after use, but I just rinsed mine in the sink.

The next test I wanted to conduct was the outside-in-the-woods test.  Now, this is where I had some challenges, to be honest.  If you are also a person who packs, you already know that we don’t drop trou casually.   This is probably not as much an issue if you use a cock-sock or pouch to hold your packy in place, but if you loose pack like me, you are always aware of the dangers of your dick falling out.  So there I was, with my shorts and briefs pushed partway down my hips, one hand on the GoGirl, trying to keep it in place, and one hand keeping my gear from flopping out onto the ground.  In the end, I did accomplish the goal of emptying my bladder and keeping my package in my pants, however, I don’t think I’ll be trying this very often.  Now, peeing in a more private location, or maybe after dark, wouldn’t be such an issue but I was trying very hard not to bare my ass completely.   Things to remember:  hold onto your gear, keep your feet in a wide stance, splashing will happen.   And, even though the majority of my liquid output was captured and funneled properly by the GoGirl, without wiping, there’s going to be a bit of moisture leftover.  Which is really the same issue we have squatting behind a tree in the traditional way.


The GoGirl is a great STP product.  It’s designed well, the material is flexible and durable.  I think for travel, I’d make sure to have some tissues handy, and maybe a plastic bag.  For the occasional use, I think shaking it clear is probably going to work when I can’t rinse and dry it.  Using the GoGirl to pee doesn’t take much practice at all, I got it right the first time, however, getting it folded back up so you can put it into the tube container is a little more difficult.  Luckily, there is a video on the GoGirl site showing you how to do it.

Specs:  The GoGirl is affordably priced at $12 (at time of review) through Babeland and comes in Pink or Khaki/Camo medical grade silicone that can withstand boiling water or your dishwasher, though you can clean it sufficiently with soap and water.

The GoGirl gets my highest rating of 5 boots, because it does just what it says it will do.  I’m considering getting a few more, so I can have them in our cars for those road trips where the urge hits outside civilization.    The product tagline?  “Don’t take life sitting down”, indeed.  Also, if you want to be amused and/or horrified by the way people react to the idea of women wanting to stand up to pee, take a look at the other videos GoGirl has put up.



Disclaimer:  I don’t receive payment for reviewing Babeland products, but I do get to keep everything I review.  I’m under no pressure to provide positive reviews and I promise to give you the truth about each product as I see it.babeland_728x90

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7 Responses to Reviewing the GoGirl from Babeland

  1. Roxy says:

    Wow, you are becoming quite the photojournalist. 🙂 That’s a great photo, and a really good review. I’m kinda itching to get one for myself, and, actually, for my mom who’s always wanted to find a way to take life standing up, as it were.

  2. This would have come in so handy the other day. Sometimes squatting in the hilly woods causes a balance issue and falling over while peeing became a real possibility. Luckily I didn’t. 🙂 This looks way more comfortable to use than the hard plastic versions I have seen.

    yep, it’s flexible enough to conform to your curves, not make you conform to it

  3. Dr. Ruthie says:

    Holy crap. You have a 5 Boot rating system… fantastic. I’m so glad I found your reviews and am adding you to the RSS feed as we speak. I’ve tried a few other Stand’N’Pee items in the past with embarrassing results, but you’ve convinced me to give this one a shot. Thanks!

    Very happy you found me. Each product probably has it’s ups and downs, so to speak, but I like this one for it’s portability. Being able to fold-and-go is very good, and the flexibility also helps you fit against your body properly. Good luck!

    You’ll find that I tend to be very detailed and open in my reviews, cuz I think that’s how they should be done.

  4. I hope you noticed that Babeland is offering a packy pouch for review this week! 🙂

    Nice job…and love the photo!

    Yep, and I’ve already put in my request 🙂

  5. I’m so glad I saw this review–I just received my GoGirl in the mail a day ago. Can’t wait to give it a try! I think it’s going to work great while I’m abroad.

    Thanks for the pictures and the review!

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  7. Chris Gass says:

    Please, please tell me you’ve at least written your name in the snow! I’ve been to the bricks and Mortar Babeland store in Seattle, and it rocks.

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