Reviewing Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door

The Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door has been out for a while, but I’ve finally gotten a chance to watch and review this hot, sexy DVD of queer porn.  It’s been really hard to carve out porn watching time since the baby was born.  At any rate, a recent weekend provided me with some family-free time and I took full advantage.

Here are the notes I took while watching, and enjoying, Crash Pad Series, Volume 5.   My conclusion is that you definitely must go buy this DVD.  Unless you don’t like great ground-breaking, queer porn, in that case, stick to your non-ground-breaking straight porn, with my pity 😉

Episode 36:  August and Stacey Staxxx

Wax play, ropes, strap-on, finger-fucking..  Hmmm, the last time I did wax play was many, many years ago but I still remember the shock and sting of the hot wax hitting my skin.  My partner combined it with ice, which made for a nice interplay of temperature extremes.  The couple in this scene starts out with the birthday girl dripping wax on her hostess.  They switch and the birthday girl gets 30 drips.. one for each year.  I can certainly relate to the difficulty she has counting each drip…  after a while she’s, stinging and with pain.  Then the ropes come into play.

Oooh.. a big thick, chocolate brown dildo, looks like mine, maybe longer.   some sucking, then the hostess straddles the birthday girl.

I like the tats, the fact that they aren’t model thin sticks, they look like real people.   However, there isn’t a lot of heat/chemistry, between these two..  the heat increases when they switch positions and the butch is on top fucking the other with the strap-on.


Episode 40:  Rex and Scarlett Chaos

These two are a bit more engaging from the beginning, a butch (flagging orange with black latex gloves)… more believable interactions in dialog and foreplay.  Cuffing to the bed frame..

Again, enjoying the realistic body shapes, this one has great dirty talk and lots of noises.. which I happen to like a lot.  Great blow job segment .. leading to fucking, really hot fucking with lots of noise, I like noise.  Like the humor and chemistry between these two

Safe sex, hot headboard banging sex, and wailing orgasms.. excellent scene.

Episode 44: Kuma and Julie Warren

… Big Trans Daddy beats and fucks voluptuous goddess, a feast of tattoos on Kuma, double floggers, admirable goatee..

Julie is a Hot curvaceous woman, she can take a lot..  watching her take both floggers to her breasts got me going… caning to the pussy and inner thighs.. OUCH.. and hot… more ouch as the beatings to the backs of her legs continued with various canes and sticks.. very much a BDSM scene.. Julie in obvious pain, but reveling in it.. mmm blow jobs.. I love blow jobs… and gagging on cock.. damn.. this scene makes me want to rub myself.. and sliding the panties over.. to get the cock into the pussy, I like that too.. Oooooh fisting.. damn, that’s hot.. mm noises.. I like those noises

watching the caning makes me wince, a lot.. canes fucking hurt..  they have great chemistry.  He’s a great top and she’s a very tough and willing bottom and they are sweet together.. despite the wincing I did through the caning.


Episode 37:  Cyd Loverboy and Red

Cyd is a sissyboy who gets roughed up by a tough, mean girl.  They’re supposed to be study buddies?  Yeah, right, for what… sex ed?  heh heh, wow, don’t you just love it when a butch squeeks?  and how fast did she have her cock down that boi’s throat?  mmm jaguar harness, I think.. awwww.. she’s being mean to her study buddy..   slapping, forced cock sucking, finger sucking, chest punching, rough handling, and very quickly to finger fucking, gagging, moaning… niiice…  nice tits too.. damn.. who needs foreplay.. though these two are very playful, it’s very much a scene about domination, genderfucking.. and it’s sexy.. the top really enjoys the discomfort and struggle of the bottom.. wow does that feel familiar… oh.. and the sounds the boi makes when it all turns anal.. damn.. that’s hot, makes me want to jump in and speed things up .. rrowrrr  …

Don’t know if it was a sound effect, but right when the anal fingering turned to anal dicking.. there was thunder, a nice long rumbler .. wow.. yeah, that’s exactly what happens when I get fucked in the ass… and then the sound of a drill.. wow.. how appropriate… Lots of body punching.. mmm hot fucking and pussy slapping… yeah.. rub that thumb right there.. ok, it’s certainly getting warm in here.. and the nervous sounding laughter has turned once again into sounds of deep pleasure.. mmmhmmmmm.


Episode 35: Mickey Mod & Shawn

Mickey’s a cis-male, with a hot body and Shawn is a hot queer and damn…

Wow, right from the start, this scene gets me hot.. hits me in that wanna-play-with-a-guy sometime place, boy gives dildo head… nice.. hot.. hotter.. mmm hottest…   getting sucked and fucked.. one of my favorite things ever.. and watching is hot too.. damn..  having a hard time taking notes.. cuz this is so hot I want to use my hands somewhere else…

Hottest kissing scene, for sure… the kissing alone has me on the edge…  oh damn, more sucking and fucking… that boy is good…   and as a reward, he gets his stroked too… and sucked.. damn.. blowjobs turn me on.. *squirmsquirm*  and what a nice finish…

In conclusion, you should buy Crash Pad Series, Volume 5 for hot sex, safe sex, genderqueer sex.. I mean, what’s not to love?   If you don’t already have this DVD, why the hell not?  It’s only $29.99 at Babeland (at time of review), come on.. doo eeet.. you know you want to.

I feel like giving this DVD only 4 boots, but that’s just because I wanted more scenes… that’s probably not fair to Shine Louise HoustonPink&White Productions, so 5 boots it is.


Disclaimer:  I don’t receive payment for reviewing Babeland products, but I do get to keep everything I review.  I’m under no pressure to provide positive reviews and I promise to give you the truth about each product as I see it.


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