In appreciation of Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day


A day we set aside to celebrate one half of the parenting pair

though for some of us, there may be more than a pair

and for others, the pair may both be moms


we don’t always agree with our moms,

but they have an undeniable effect on who we are

mothers aren’t perfect,

but they are often super human

mothers will do most anything for their kids

donate a kidney, or any other body part, for that matter

but it’s not always that dramatic, or news worthy

mothers give up sleep for their children,

sometimes they give up eating properly

mothers give up social lives,

sometimes their love lives

mothers certainly give up peace of mind

always wondering about health, safety, happiness


for those of us who choose to be mothers

the rewards are worth the sleepless nights,

and the tantrums we endure

(or have)

a grubby fist full of flowers

a kiss before running off to play

precious artwork handed to us with proud smiles

conversations about life, death and what stars are made of

and the chance to see them grow up

healthy, happy, fulfilled

ready to start the cycle again


to all of you who are moms, Happy Mother’s Day

to all of you who have moms, or know moms,

please let them know you appreciate what they do


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