Microfantasy Monday, week 80: Virtual Reality

The Sweltering Celt has given us Virtual Reality as our Microfantasy Monday theme.   Here’s a piece inspired by an idea Roxy had:


VR helmet on and gloves secured, she settled back on the recliner.  The high tech seat adjusted to her so that in a few moments, she could barely feel it.  She breathed deeply and began to relax, though thrills of excitement coursed through her as she anticipated the upcoming session.  Feeling the day’s tension draining from her body, she allowed herself to completely immerse in the Computer Created Reality that was now unfolding around her.

Soon she was walking on a path, feeling the twigs and fir cones crunching underneath her shoes.  Through breaks in the trees, she could see the water, green and foam-flecked, surging against the beach below the bluff she was walking along.  Down the zig-zag path she went, feeling and smelling the sea breeze, hearing shore birds calling to each other along the surf line.  At last she was down on the beach, the hard packed sand of the trail turned soft and she could see one set of footprints leading away from where she stood.  A smile grew on her face as she followed that trail.  Here and there, a rose petal lay along the way, as if to say “Yes, love, keep coming”.  Her pace quickened, as well as it could in the soft, deep sand.  The foot prints led around the jutting edge of the bluff and as she turned the corner, she gasped in surprise and pleasure.  Lying on a blanket, surrounded by rose petals, was her lover.

A part of her brain knew he was light years away, on a separate assignment, but she pushed that thought aside in favor of the reality being presented to her in that moment.  Then she was in his arms, lying against him, feeling his heat and tasting his mouth.  Oh, the glorious kisses they shared.   Limbs intertwined, their bodies found each other, found mutual need, fed mutual desire.

All too soon, her time in the booth was up.  Someone else would be waiting impatiently, eager to visit their favorite people and places, to briefly leave the monotony of their long mission behind.  With habitual efficiency, she wiped down the equipment, smirking at the damp spot where she’d been sitting.

Leaving the booth, she nodded to Sally, no doubt eager to go horseback riding or work in her garden.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone else, standing in an alcove nearby but she was preoccupied with reliving the moments on the beach to pay him much attention.   She leaned against the window across the hall, watching the stars with unseeing eyes, still on that beach, with him, his body pressed against her.  In fact, it felt as though she was still in the VR booth, she swore she could smell him, feel his body pressing eagerly against her back.   Then his voice, in her ear, “Love, I am here, this is no dream” she turned, face registering shock and surprise.

“How? But you’re on the survey mission.. what are you doing here?”

He reached for her, pulling her against him, kissing her deeply, “I’m here, that’s what matters.  Happy birthday, my love.”


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