Microfantasy Monday, week 78: Getting Lost in the Forest

I’m going to blame Google reader for not alerting me to this week’s theme post.  I have no one to blame for the fact that this micro fantasy turned into something more macro.  Thank you, Ang, the SwelteringCelt, for posting the theme, and even though I’m a couple of days late, I’m gonna give it a shot… Getting Lost in the Forest.

I had that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, you know the one, when you realize you’re lost and a long way from where you should be?  The road I was following, which I thought led to the bed and breakfast where my lover awaited, seemed instead to be leading to nowhere.   It had narrowed into a lane, then become a dirt road leading through old growth forest.  I was seriously questioning the memory I had of the last landmark.  Had I misread that sign?  Was the Google map she sent me wrong?  Why weren’t there other road signs…  or any signs of civilization?

I had decided to turn around a the next wide spot in the road when I saw a light flickering through the gloom.  A huge sense of relief washed over me until I actually saw the place.  By the light of my high-beams, I could see a big log-sided cabin, the light I’d seen was shining from somewhere inside.  It didn’t look anything like the picture of the B&B my girlfriend had emailed to me.  Instead of landscaped grounds edging a small lake, the cabin sat within a clearing barely reclaimed from the forest.  I stopped the engine, determined to ask for directions, trying to calm the fearful hammering of my heart.  I checked my cellphone.. no service.  I couldn’t even call my girlfriend to tell her I would be terribly late.

Approaching the darkened porch, I knocked on the door.  A growing part of my mind was hoping that no one would answer the door, if so, I’d just turn around and drive back the way I came.  Another part of my mind, a part apparently not concerned with survival, made me stand my ground.  I knocked and waited, feeling the closeness of the forest all around me.  The tall dark trees seemed to lean over the cabin, and I could hear all sorts of small scuttling sounds in the underbrush around the cabin.

“Fuck it” I said softly, not wanting to disturb the darkness any more than possible.  No one seemed to be in the cabin, or at least no one who wanted to see who was stupid enough to be knocking at the door at this late hour.  I turned on my heel and started in the direction of my truck.  The soft sound of a boot scuffing the wooden porch was the only warning I received before a rough cloth hood was pulled over my head.   I could only yelp in protest before a heavy hand clamped itself over my mouth.

I struggled against the hand, first trying to pull it off, then kicking and punching the heavy body behind me.  A hard, muscled arm circled my torso, pinning my arms against my body.  Slamming me against the rough bark of the exterior wall, he growled into my ear, “Knock it off, ya little bastard, this’ll go better for you if you don’t fight so much.”  I felt and heard the click of metal cuffs as he secured my wrists behind my back.   He pulled me through the cabin door, throwing me onto the floor.  “Of course, you can keep fighting… you might not enjoy the results, but I will.”

I’d fallen hard against my cuffed arms and before I could think about getting up, he pulled me up and hurled me, stumbling across the room.  I fell across what I assumed was a bed, and, with a horrified cry, tried to scramble back up to my feet.  He struck me across the back of the head and I fell forward again, cursing.  Fear had turned to anger, and I twisted onto my back, raising my feet in hopes of kicking him.  Striking nothing but air, I tried again to get off the bed.  On my feet, but blinded, I listened for him in the sudden silence.  His dark chuckle caused me to swing around and kick toward the sound.  He caught my leg easily and threw me back onto the bed.

I lay there, panting, adrenaline coursing through my body, mind racing, “Who the fuck are you?  You’d better let me go!  Someone’s gonna come looking for me soon.”

His silence challenged my bravado.   I attempted to roll to a sitting position and my face met the back of his hand, knocking me back and bring tears to my eyes.  I heard the old mattress springs creak and protest as his weight joined mine on the bed.  He straddled my hips, pressing my eternally hard cock down against my pussy.  I hate to admit it, but the feeling wasn’t unpleasant.  That thought was followed by a mass revolt in my head as guilt hit me.  I can’t enjoy this, this is not OK! I groaned in frustration and a new stream of curses left my lips as I bucked my hips in a futile attempt to dislodge him.  Bucking my hips like that did nothing to dampen the growing pulse in my cock.

He just chuckled and grabbed my face with his massive hand, clamping my mouth shut.  “Mmmhmm, that’s right boy, you shut up, or I’m gonna give your mouth something to do.”

I whimpered in response. What the hell was I going to do?  This guy had me pinned down, my arms were starting to go numb underneath me and I was miles from civilization.

He pressed his crotch down harder against me, laughing again, “I don’t know why you’re fighting this, boy, obviously you like it.”  He got up suddenly and before I could react, secured my legs to something at the foot of the bed.  Twisting my upper body onto my belly, he released one wrist, securing that cuff at the head of the bed, then secured the other.  I lay there, hooded, spread-eagle, breathing hard and fighting the tension that was growing between my legs.

Soon he was back, tearing open the front of my shirt and roughly fondling my breasts.  My head went back and I cried out.  He opened my belt, wrenched my button fly open and yanked my jeans partway down.  Rough, thick fingers pulled my briefs aside and he began fingering me.

“Oh, look at that… I’d say you’re enjoyin’ yourself, aren’t you, boy?”

I was silent, gasping, struggling to control myself.  He reached up suddenly and grabbed my nipples, pulling them away from my chest.  He asked again, as I screamed in pain, “Boy, I’m talkin’ to you.. I asked you if you were enjoying yourself?”  He released my nipples and his fingers went back to probing between my legs.

“No, NO! I don’t like this, don’t want this, Stop!… Goddammit, stop, NO!”

He didn’t stop, of course, instead he pushed two thick fingers into me and I struggled against myself, trying not to react, not to let myself feel him invading me, not wanting to like it.

His next words stopped me cold.

“So, what do you think?  Should we stop or have we just begun?”  He wasn’t talking to me, there was someone else in the cabin, a co-conspirator, I could hear someone walking toward us.  The bottom of the hood was pulled up, exposing my mouth.  Fingers held my chin, gently, but steadily, pulling my mouth open.  These fingers were smaller, softer than the man’s.  I could hear breathing, close, near my ear.

“Mmmmmm…”  a woman’s voice, crooning into my ear, making my head arch back again.  There was something about her voice, and the scent of roses, that made my breath catch.  She pushed her fingers into my mouth and she tasted .. familiar.  When she spoke, the shock of recognition hit me like slap.

“So, lover.. should we stop now, or do you want to keep going? “

I couldn’t do anything other than moan through her fingers as she drove them deeper, fucking my mouth.  I responded by sucking on them, running my tongue up and down them, pulling them deeper into my mouth.

The man returned his attention to my pussy and my back arched in response.  I moaned louder, pleadingly, and she needed no further response.

“That’s what I thought, baby.. ” She pulled her fingers out and replaced them with her tongue, kissing me deeply. “I’m so glad you found your way here… happy birthday, lover”

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