Suburban Butch Dad Report, 4/5/2010

Hello from Suburbia.  This week’s SBDR is brought to you by the word ‘Anticipation’.

Over the past few weeks, anticipation over my family’s Spring Break trip has been building.  On Sunday, the Kyle house was abuzz with preparations for a spring vacation trip.  My wife and daughters flew out late that night, heading for sunny Florida.  I’m staying here in an exceedingly quiet house and plenty of projects to work on.

Yesterday, I did my best to help my wife get the three of them ready.  I took on assignments, calmed her when she got a bit panicky and did baby duty a lot.  That last part was the best.  I soaked up hours of baby love, trying desperately to store it up for the days ahead.  Little Bit fell asleep on me twice, which is just heavenly, in case you’ve never had that happen.  When a baby falls asleep on you, you know life is good.

I also got lots of hugs and snuggles and love from my ElderSpawn.  She returned from celebrating Easter with my parents in the early afternoon with the spoils of two Egg Hunts and a gigantic chocolate bunny from my parents.  In the entire time she’s been alive, we’ve never done Easter for her, it’s always been my parents.  My mom buys an Easter dress every year and my dad hides eggs for her at their house.  Then they all go to church together and she gets in on the Hunt there.  My wife and I realized yesterday that if my parents move across the state to their retirement property before next Easter, our Little Bit won’t get the chance to do Easter with them.  That’s a bit sad and also brings up the specter of devising Easter experiences for our WeeSpawn… which also means we have to decide if that’s something important to us.  We don’t celebrate Easter at all, it’s always been something our eldest enjoyed with her grandparents.  So in the future of no grandparents nearby, do we just accept that Little Bit will have a different set of experiences?  Will she be bitter about it later?

At any rate, ElderSpawn came home with tons of Easter booty and when I asked, she said it’d be alright if I had some while she was gone.  What a sweetheart.  Later that afternoon she hid some of her candy filled eggs around my desk (where “hide” is “place in the open”).  As I was walking them up to the security checkpoint last night, she pulled me close and told me to check around my bed when I got home, since she’d left a surprise for me.  And there it was, an egg with candy in it and a note, a note filled with spawn love to help me get through the week.

Goodbyes are no fun, we managed it without tears this time.   I stayed with them as long as I could, until the ID and ticket check.  I gave kisses and hugs all around and then ducked under the barrier.  I stood and watched as they got through security.   Watched as my ElderSpawn held her little sister and my wife tried valiantly to deal with carry-ons and the baby’s carseat.  Watched until they were out of sight and it was time for me to begin the hour long drive home.  I was feeling blue but I knew I wouldn’t be alone, Roxy was ready to accompany me via phone.  We were talking and laughing and flirting the whole way, which is the best way to drive long distances.

the routine, derailed

I’m the first person up every morning and I follow a well-worn path of habit in getting my day started.  Despite my 6 am wake up, I’m not really a morning person.  I need a routine to follow or I’d be lost.  I make coffee for two, toast for two, breakfast for my ElderSpawn.  If the baby manages to sleep that late, she’ll usually wake while I’m doing my morning routine, so I’ll change her diaper and deliver her to her mama, in bed, for some nursing and more sleeping.   I prep my wife’s toast and put it on a plate, placing it at her place at the table, her mug of milk in the fridge waiting for her, staying cold.  Even if she’s not up for a while to have breakfast, it’s there, waiting for her, a daily love note from me to her.

So this morning, I made toast for two (then decided it wasn’t a terrible thing to have two pieces for breakfast) and I made coffee for .. well, I botched the coffee.  I measured out coffee for myself but put a whole pot’s worth of water in the coffee maker.  I am not one for weak coffee, but I drank it anyway.  I’m hoping tomorrow morning I’d get into my butchelor morning routine.

It was really quiet this morning.  No snoring partner to roll away from when my alarm went off.  No baby noises from her crib.  No morning chatter from the ElderSpawn.  Sigh.  Sure, some mornings I can’t handle all that wide-awake talk from my eldest, but complete silence is weird.  Walking past the nursery and knowing she wasn’t in there made my breath catch.

I got through the day by keeping busy.  Tomorrow will be easier and by Wednesday I should find my groove.

And I have plenty to keep me busy.  There are projects without end around here, as any homeowner will know.  Then there are the creative projects, things I never get around to doing.  In the past, when I had free time, I’d come up with long lists of complex projects, sure I’d be so much more productive on my own.  Well, that’s partially true, I do get a lot done when I only have to care for myself.  However, the days are still only 24 hours long and I still need at least 6 hours of sleep and I’m working full+ work days.  So this time I’m trying to be a bit more realistic.  I still have lots of projects that could be done, but I’m prioritizing them better.

She’s coming!!

There’s another element to the ‘anticipation’ theme of the week:  Roxy‘s coming.  She’ll arrive Thursday afternoon and many of my higher priority projects are related to her visit.  Today I started getting our love nest in the basement ready, doing the heavy lifting and initial staging of various objects, supplies and equipment.  I’m really excited to have her here, to play host and spoil her, touch her and hear her laughter.  I love having the chance to share more of my life and home town with her.  I’ve been keeping a list of our ideas of what to do together and it’s pretty long, and we may not get to all of the things on it, but we’ve had a lot of fun adding to it.  Items range from sexual positions we want to try to places we want to go, people we hope to see.  The list is a good representation of us:  food we want to eat, things we want to do together, romance, kink and lots of kissing.

report from vacation-land

I talked to my wife and ElderSpawn a couple of times today.   Little Bit hardly slept at all on the plane, so my wife got even less sleep.  Within an hour of getting to the home of my wife’s father and step-mother, ElderSpawn was in her bathing suit, primed for the pool.  I just spoke to my wife at around midnight Eastern, and exhaustion had made ragged edges in her voice.  The baby was not happy being very far from her at any time and she was missing the easy hand offs we have in the evenings.  I sympathized and wished her a goodnight sleep.  On the other hand, she was sitting outside comfortably in her shorts.  I’m sure they’ll all get their vacation legs on tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m fully dressed against the damp chill, eating ice cream without having to share and listening to music.

Have a good week, and if you folks in the PacNW feel some shaking from Thursday afternoon through Sunday, it’s probably not an earthquake, but you may still want to duck and cover 😉

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