Suburban Butch Dad Report, 4/25/2010

Ahhh.. here we are, taking a breather after another busy week at House of Kyle.  This weekend my goal was to get something planted in my garden and I’m happy to report that I was successful.  Yesterday was cool and rainy, but perfect for some quiet alone time with the dirt.  I cleaned and massaged the soil in  one garden bed, planting butter crunch and red leaf lettuce, snap peas and the remnants of old swiss chard and spinach seeds.   Today was nicer, closer to 60 than the 55 of Saturday, with no rain.  My ElderSpawn helped me today and we finished cleaning and prepping the other two raised beds.  We planted bush beans and poppies.  We also did some additional weeding and cleanup in the yard.



garden with early plantings



Over the course of the weekend, I also did a lot of cleanup in my garden shed, a sad metal structure that I’d dearly love to replace with something wooden and non-leaking.  Rats had made themselves at home in various containers and piles of old garden cloth and other detritus.  I started pulling things out, and the reek was bad.  All better now, though, with my auxiliary garbage cans full of rat stinking garbage and my shed cleaned and organized.  I have way too many pots, though, need to find a way to get rid of them without sending them to the landfill, if I can.


ElderSpawn waters newly planted beds


To top it off, I took a lovely nap this afternoon.  Win, Win, Win.


I need a new cock.  I know, I know, we butches are always talking about how we want more cocks… aren’t we?  I can’t be the only one.  Well, sadly the new cock I need to replace is my daily driver, my packing cock.  I’ve been packing daily with this one for over a year now and it’s gotten grungy.  Yes, I bathe it and care for it as best I can, but that soft, flesh-like silicone has some permanent staining from my briefs that gives it a grungy, unclean look regardless.  So it’s time to get a new one and retire the original.  And that makes me wonder.. what is the proper way to retire an old packing cock?  It’s been my old faithful, day after day, through thick and thin.  I don’t feel right just tossing it out in the trash, this wobbly bit of penis replica has been a part of me, a way of communicating who I am.   So for now, I’ll keep it.


Ok, you’ve all been very patient, but I know you want to hear how the Little Bit is doing.  Well, she’s become quite adept at pulling herself up on furniture but is not quite cruising from one thing to the next.  However, she has been working on her walking skills by pushing chairs around the dining room.  Yesterday, we pulled out a small baby walker for her to try.  She stood up with it right away, but didn’t do much walking, she was too fascinated with the wheels, sitting down and squawking at them excitedly.  Today, she was a bit more adventurous and my wife was able to get her on video, pushing the walker several feet.  She’d take three or four steps then sit down, pull herself back up and maybe rock a little with the walker, then take some more steps.  She has such strong legs and great balance, I’m sure she’ll be walking soon.


If there is ever a Parenting Olympics, one event that should certainly be included is the Sleeping Diaper Change.  And, no, I don’t mean the kind where the parent is asleep and changing the diaper solely through muscle memory, though that should be included as well.  I mean, I managed to change Little Bits diaper after she’d finally fallen asleep and didn’t wake her up.  This was a total score not just from a technical parenting skill standpoint but because she’d been fussing for a long while before finally falling asleep on a night my wife was out.  So yeah, gold medal winner right here.


That’s it for this week, hope you all had a great weekend.  Take care.


the cutest baby in blogland.. my Little Bit



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