she brings the sun

She brings the sun and I don’t mean figuratively.   The forecast said rain but while she was here, we saw hardly a drop.  The sun shone, highlighting flowers, skin, her smile.  The cats lounged in pools of it, we smiled and laughed under it.

Last night I went to bed with her all around me, softening my landing, delaying the knowledge of her departure.  Somewhere in the night, the rain returned, no clearer sign was needed.  She was gone.

Last night I was still high on the glow, this morning her absence was a physical presence.  Everywhere I looked, was a place she’d been, full of life, real and present, filling me.  Sudden loneliness wrenched a sob from me, tearing up from my chest, leaving painful marks in my throat, marking its path.

When we’re together, we fit, we slip into each other so easily, arms and thoughts linked.  Separation seems unnatural.  She was here, it was natural.  She wasn’t visiting, she was at home with me.

Not that I’d give up the high to avoid the fall.  I’ll go through this as many times as it takes, to love her for the rest of our lives.



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