Reviewing Kinklab Men’s Anal Plug Harness with Cockring

The Kinklab Men’s Anal Plug Harness with Cockring from TabuToys is made of good quality leather and shiny hardware.  Not being a cis-male, I was curious how the cock ring would work with my dildos.  This harness also has a buttplug holder, and I was hoping it would work with one of mine.  I requested this harness specifically for use during my first dungeon outing hoping it would enhance the experience.

First thing I noticed was that the harness must be made for people with much slimmer hips than mine.  The measurements specify that it fits waists 28″ – 44″, however, it fit over my hips not my waist.  I let the side straps out almost to their limit, and my hips are womanly, but not immense.  So if you’re buying a harness for a broad hipped person, keep that in mind.  Then there is the cockring dimension to think about.  I suppose, to a certain girth, a bio-cock of various sizes can be slipped through the ring and it will serve its purpose well, but you don’t have the option to swap it out for another if it doesn’t fit well.  I wanted the harness to function as a dildo harness to the extent that it needed to hold my cock in place while I moved around the dungeon, so I wanted to match cock size to ring size.  I tried three of my dildos through the cockring, all of which would have worked.  I settled on my Goodfellah because it looked the best (color tone being almost a match to my own).

The other element of this harness is the Anal Plug holder.  In order for this part of the harness to work, you’ll have to us a good sized anal plug.  At least where my ass is concerned, as the smaller ones I put in the “plug pouch” wouldn’t stay put, I couldn’t get the pouch in tight enough.  Even with the larger butt plug we eventually settled on, I couldn’t get the straps adjusted well enough to make using the “plug pouch” practical.

Now, those critiques aside, they do say right up front on the web page,

Specially designed for a man’s anatomy!

so maybe I shouldn’t be terribly surprised that it didn’t work as well with my female form.  I chose to review this harness because I was intrigued by it, and wondered if it could work for a woman.  For my female anatomy, it was a partial fit, for someone else it may work even better.

Some more product info from the Tabu Toys page:

•  Designed to be worn whenever & wherever you like (even under clothing!)

•  built-in “plug pouch” fits most average sized butt plugs

•  Includes interchangeable 2″ steel cock-ring

•  3 points of adjustment for a perfect fit

•  fits waist 28″ – 44″ (71-112cm)

• Sold at Tabu Toys for $84.25



I’m going to give this product 3 boots.. I was giving it an assignment it wasn’t designed for — fitting the female form — and it still performed pretty well.  Big thanks to Tabu Toys for indulging me in this experience.


Disclaimer: I don’t receive payment for reviewing Tabu Toys products, but I do get to keep everything I review. I’m under no pressure to provide positive reviews and I promise to give you the truth about each product as I see it.


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