Microfantasy Monday, week 77: Rain, part 2

Part 2 of a Microfantasy Monday story.. read part one here.

She leaned over him, and he became aware that she was soaked to the skin and shivering.  Reaching up, he pulled her shirt open by the snaps, “Baby, you’re gonna catch your death unless we get you dry and warmed up.” His rakish grin gave away his less than charitable intentions.

“Mmmmm, baby, you can take these clothes off me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be wet” she ground her crotch into him to emphasize her point.  They worked together to strip her wet clothing off, Jude getting up for another blanket to cover her with.  As he was standing beside the cot, shaking out the blanket, she reached over for his belt.  Soon he was down to his skivvies and she pulled him in with her.  There was no sense of where she ended and he began.  His breasts, hers.. her pussy as wet and needy as his.  He found her with his fingers, opening her up slowly and steadily.  She gasped and thrust onto him as he moved his body between her legs.  Fingers inside her, his pelvis against his hand, he pumped into her.  Her back arched and her fingers raked his shoulders.  He bore down harder, matching her need, digging toes into the cot, looking for more leverage.  She clenched and squeezed him as she came, hard, and loud, the rain hammering against the tin roof of the barn.  Her lips found his, her tongue seeking his, inviting it back to her mouth.  She sucked on his tongue like a small cock and he groaned loudly into her mouth.  Everything in him hardened suddenly.  pulling his fingers out of her, disregarding her gasp of dismay, he pushed his pubic mound into the sweet wetness of her pussy.  It was there, he could feel it.  His cock, the one that he’d always felt belonged to him, the one he always had in his dreams.  It swelled to fill her and her eyes widened in shock and surprise.

“You feel it, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, oh my god, yes, what? .. how..?  Ahhhnnngggggggg”  She peaked again, as his orgasm was building.   She clung to him as his body grew rigid, muscles straining, a groan building to a howl.  He came hard, could feel himself inside her, filling her, muscles spasming with the effort.  She clung to him, thighs pulling him in closer, pushing against him, milking him dry.

Moments later, gasping for breath, bathed in sweat, they rearranged themselves into a tight ball of intertwining limbs.  He cradled her head against his shoulder, her fingers traced the lines of his tattoos.   She shuddered as his hands, roughened with hard-earned callouses, gently caressed her breasts, palm teasing her nipples to hardness.   Her breath quickened as he ran the back of his hand from between her breasts to her public bone.  Eyes rolled back, her back arched and her thighs opened.

“Yes, please, lover.. god, baby, I’ve missed you…”

He let his fingers rest over her pussy, finger tips against her wet hole, heel of his hand against her clit.  He looked into her eyes, a devilish light in them, a taunting grin curling his lips.   Her eyes narrowed, smile fading into something between a threat and a promise.

“Look, here, boy… don’t you be holding out on me.. I’ll kick your ass” she growled through the words and glared at him, but didn’t make a move to change what he was doing.

“My sweet Kate, I wouldn’t think of it, darlin”  but the truth was, now that the initial wild hunger was sated, it was time to play.   He drummed his fingers against her labia, she arched her back in response, squirming in an attempt to get something to slip into her empty, aching pussy.

He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head.  His gaze grew hard, though the corners of his mouth still quirked in a smile.  She looked up at him with big eyes, her mouth slightly open, but wordless.  He patted her pussy, softly at first, then spanking it quickly.

“Baby, no goddd.. baby, no no.. mmmm gggggggggod baby… ” Her protest was weak and quickly turned into a babbling stream of conscious. He released her wrists and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, holding her tightly against his body. Giving her a few more hard slaps, he gripped her pussy tightly, holding the heel of his palm against her clit.  She thrust against him, groaning, pleading, hands flailing until they found something to hold on to, a handful of his hair and the side of the bunk.

He kept massaging, kneading the hot slippery folds between her legs, now sliding fingers between them.  Two fingers on either side of her clit, he pulled and pressed and circled without touching it directly.

Thrusting turned into frantic writhing and she began to beg him for release.

“Please baby, god, Judddde.. I need you inside me, baby, so empty .. mmgmgggggggg.. Please! Baby, now god, I need you, now!!”

In one motion, he slid two fingers into her, and moaned at how good she felt.  Hot, wet, clenching his fingers, her thighs closed on his hand so he couldn’t have pulled out if he wanted to.  Not that he wanted to.  She pulled his head down, pulled his mouth against hers and he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth in the same rhythm his fingers were fucking her pussy.

“Oh, my sweet girl, my darling Kate…  you are so good, baby, so so good.”

She came in an incoherent stream of words and shouts and noises normally heard in the woods late at night during the spring.  Her breath came in gasps, then slowing, she opened her eyes, coming back to herself, looking at him in wonder, “Oh, lover, how do you do that?  You feel like no one I’ve ever been with, you’re the one I’ve always dreamed of but never thought I’d find.”

He kissed her forehead, her nose, her lips softly.  Pulling her into him again, he wrapped the blankets back around them both.  The rain was still drumming hard into the tin roof over them and he knew the barnyard was a mucky mess by now.  No need to hurry anywhere, no one would come looking for them for a while.

He closed his eyes, fingers still stroking her arm.  Her breath had deepened into sleep.  He could feel his body uncoil, relaxed and sated.  He was seconds from sleep as he murmured against her hair, “I love you too, baby, and I’ve been dreaming about you all my life.  I don’t ever want to let you go.”

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