Microfantasy Monday, week 76: Earth Day

This week’s Microfantasy Monday writing prompt is ‘Earth Day‘… brought to us by Ang, the Sweltering Celt.. thanks, hon!


My community has a pretty cool way of celebrating Earth Day, a little something we call Procession of Species.  It’s a parade devoid of words or political messages, unless you count an endless stream of expressions about the natural world “political”.

Now that I’m a family guy, I watch with my wife and daughters.  We applaud, laugh and grin happily as stilt walkers, multi-person puppets, entire grade school classes dressed up as flocks of birds, or schools of fish, and dancers pass us in creative interpretations of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  Beautiful, sinuous, brightly-plumaged groups of dancers, usually of the samba persuasion.   As I watch them twist and turn and gyrate past me, I remember a time before wives and children.

It was a group like this, bending, thrusting, swinging their hips to the music, in time with the drummer and each other.  They were bedecked greens, blues and white, evoking waves.  She caught my eye in seconds, something in the way her eyes flashed above her veil of sea foam, under the peaked white cap.  Her hips worked as if possessed, and something in me seized up in recognition.   I moved through the crowded sidewalk, trying to keep her in sight, comparing the shape of her body to my memory, the tattoo showing above her hip confirming her identity for me.  But it was her hips that called like a siren’s song.

I jostled myself down through the crowd, losing sight for several moments as I worked my way across the street ahead of the dancing group, wanting to be closer to her when they passed by again.  I drew myself up, leaned around the tall guy in front of me, eyes avidly searching for her, heart beating furiously as my search grew frantic.  Where was she?  She’d been right there, between the one in red shoes and the one with sparkling bangles on her wrist.  Someone stood close behind me, jostled by the crowd but closer than normal even so.  Warm fingers on my arm, warm breath in my ear…

“Looking for me?”

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