Half-Nekkid Thursday : The List

Our time is fast approaching, and the anticipation has built to a fever pitch.   Between visits we always come up with dozens of things we haven’t done, or forgot to do, or want to do lots more.  This time, Roxy suggested we actually keep the list in written form, to help us remember our goals while in the midst of lust induced amnesia.  I’m gonna post this on the wall of our love nest:

The List:  things to do with Roxy
(mostly optional depending on mood and opportunity)
  • Collar her in front of the fire on the Liberator throw
  • Attempt to have computer time so she can abuse me
  • Make my Sweet biscuits for her – photo op (me in apron)
  • Small cutting from R to K
  • Me ride her cock from the top
  • Me fuck her cock facing away, straddle
  • Have My girl lather and shave my chin
  • Photo op on back steps, and all over
  • Show her box of lyrics I wrote as a teen
  • Share briefs (put My girl in boy clothes, ogle and take pictures, take them off and fuck her)
  • 69
  • Dancing at Jake’s
  • Quality Burrito for dinner and tequila
  • Come to work for lunch
  • See mom and dad’s place (where I grew up)
  • Walk around Evergreen campus (depending on time)
  • go to my Soccer game, market lunch after
  • Have her listen to her ring tone on my iphone, motorcycle revving
  • geek meeting, then beers
  • Day of service to Her
  • Go to Seattle to socialize
  • Lots of pics
  • Pervert the house
  • Watch porn
  • Walk the watershed trail
  • Kiss
  • More kissing
  • Fire in fireplace
  • Sing “Crazy on You” with her in my arms
  • Play Hippity Hop
  • Wrestle for right to call other person the best (repeatedly)
  • Come home from work, greeted by Roxy in a button down flannel shirt and panties
  • Something secret she has in mind for us (and she won’t tell me anything more than that)
  • A project involving power tools and hardware I hope I can complete successfully

We both have other lists as well, lists of things to do and prepare and purchase.  Honestly, we could meet up in a cardboard box and have the best time ever, but it’s fun to have lists and plans to make the visit special.

How much of the list will we check off this time?  I have no idea, as I’m sure we’ll come up with a dozen things not on the list as well.  For example, there’s nothing up there saying “Roxy will beat on Kyle” but you know it’s gonna happen, as well as “Kyle will torment Roxy”, and for sure, lots more kissing.   Whatever we do, on or off that list, we’ll have a great time.

Ok, time to make the final preparations, which involve power tools, hardware and the ability to find a floor joist above my head….

later that day….. major prep work is done

Presenting my DIY basement dungeon..  10′ of 3/16″ chain, 2 chunky eye bolts, a little power tool action and.. voila  … the project completed….

Add to that some underbed restraints and well positioned power outlets.. you think my Sir will be pleased?  How about My girl?

We’ve hit the home stretch now..


Within just a few hours, she’ll be with me.  And she’s bringing a new toy.


Happy HNT, y’all

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