Half-Nekkid Thursday : assignments

There’s just one week until Roxy comes to visit.  Seven days and a few short hours.  The “one-week-until” mark is traditionally when she puts me on orgasm restriction.  As the boy to her Sir, I accept that assignment with … well, not joy, certainly.. I grumble less now than I used to, but I still grumble.  However, I accept the challenge willingly because I want to show her how proud I am to be her boy.

Now, with this visit, there’s an additional twist:  I am Sir to her girl.  So I get to give her an assignment, as well.  I chose a completely different kind of assignment, one well suited to our Sir-girl relationship.  I asked her to take a picture of herself in panties each day and send it to me (if you read her blog, you’ll see I have a bit of a pantie fixation).  The pictures could be from various angles, with at least one straight on pussy shot.  She’s to take them at different times of the day and let me know when the shots are taken in her email.

She decided to get a head start on the assignment, going for extra credit, Gold Star Student that she is.  Here’s one from yesterday’s batch:

I think you’ll agree with me that the presence of clothing only serves to heighten the sexiness of the shot.

But you know, there’s the twist that I did not consider when I handed out that assignment, a cruel side-effect.

I don’t get to come after tonight.

Yes, I will be getting a daily dose of sexiness from my girl.  I will be turned on, all sexed up with nowhere to go.

Dammit!  I guess we know who the April Fool is, eh?

Ahhh well, it’s completely worth it.  And when she gets here, in a week, she can collect all the Gold Stars she’s been earning.


Happy HNT, y’all  .. don’t you be an April Fool.

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