Time to get Submissive

Natt Nightly just popped up on twitter passing on news about a new book project and a call for submissions from gender-variants of all stripes to contribute to Stalled, “a book of experiences in sex-segregated spaces in the words of gender non-conforming people.”  The book’s editors are K. Bridgeman and A. Lee Crayton, and deadline for submissions is December 31, 2010.

From the Call for Submissions page:

The range of gender non-conforming folks is broad.  We are men, women, genderqueers, two-spirits, trans women/transwomen, trans men/transmen, intersex, bois, grrrls, butchs, faeries, FtMs, MtFs, tomboys, drag queens, transvestites, transexuals, queers, none or maybe all of the above?*  In a society that preaches gender as rigid, fighting for gender self-determination can be challenging.  For some the process is finite, traveling from point A to point B, while others wade continuously through the mire or transcend altogether. But despite the trajectory of our own personal journey, we all experience the polarizing demands of the binary.

This announcement comes with such brilliant timing for me that I have to thank the Fates (and tip my hat to Roxy, who will no doubt be saying something about nudges from the universe).  I’ve decided that 2010 is the year I work toward the goal of getting myself published on dead trees.  I’m going to be checking out lesbian erotica venues and other such places for my smut writing, but I had a special hunger for finding some place to talk specifically about genderqueer issues.. and voila, here it is.

So thank you, Natt for passing on the news.  Thank you, Universe for creating opportunities just when I’m looking for them.  And, last but not least, thank you, Roxy, for being an excellent writing partner and for giving me fair warning that the universe was going to pop something like this on me.

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