Suburban Butch Dad Report 3/14/2010

This edition of the SBDR is brought to you by my 46th birthday.  I am not one of those people who rounds their age down or claims to be 29 or 39 for a decade.  I’m proud to have lived this long and am for the most part happy with what I’ve accomplished.  I’m also excited about the coming years.  I feel like I’m at the top of my game…. 46 years old?  Bring it on!


We’ll continue with another story from the real life adventures of a butch sex-blogger family-man.  Earlier this week my ElderSpawn had an orchestra rehearsal at the high school (about 5 min away).   My wife had originally planned to go to the Girl Scout meeting that night, along with Little Bit.   Then a massive migraine threw a wrench into our finely tuned plans.

As it was, Mrs. Kyle still manage to make a casserole and preheat it for dinner.  She got the ElderSpawn and a supply of Girl Scout cookies to Safeway for a booth sale that afternoon.  They persevered from 3:30 to about 5:30.. it was pretty cold here that day.  In the meantime, the Little Bit was next door hanging with the neighbor and her sons.   I biked into the driveway, got myself inside the house and discovered the cat playing with a mouse.. still alive.  There was a lively bit of action involving a broom as I tried to sweep the mouse out the door, while bitching both the cat and the mouse out for the inconvenient timing of their play date.  Then I want next door to retrieve my youngest spawn.

After getting the kitchen cleaned up, Little Bit and I hung out on the floor, and she showed me several times how good she was at sitting up starting from her belly (new skill within the last week).  I got the casserole heating, greeted my wife and daughter home from the chilly cookie sale and watched as my wife disappeared into the bedroom with her stupifyingly painful headache. She remained sleeping in the dark with her pain meds while homework was handled and dinner served.  The casserole was delicious and soon it was time to get going to rehearsal.  Listening at the doorway, I could hear the missus snoring so I prepped the small one to go with us.  We got to the school in time, but with a stowaway.  As we were walking away from the car, ElderSpawn exclaimed, “Walter! What are you doing in there?!”

Our boy cat had managed to smuggle himself into the car when we were loading bodies and music equipment.  It was a small miracle he hadn’t escaped while we were unloading, ignorant as we were that he was with us.  When I returned to the car, he was peering out the driver’s side door, big eyed and looking like he really wanted out.  My challenge then was to get the small spawn into her carseat and safely buckled in without losing the cat to the parking lot.  Mischief managed.

The Winter Orchestra performance was the next night and my dad was able to attend with us.  My mom is over at my sister’s for two weeks taking care of her two daughters while she and my brother-in-law are in Mexico getting some quality time.  After the performance, we all went to the nearby Baskin & Robbin’s for ice cream.  It was a late night, but we wanted to reward ElderSpawn for all her hard work and perseverance.

So yes, it’s my birthday and I’ve gotten a lot of birthday love this week.  FemmeFairyGodmother featured me as this week’s butch for her Butch Swoon List.  Big thanks to my sweet Roxy for nominating me and contributing pictures.  The song chosen to represent me?  Cowboy Casanova *G*.

Along with the nomination, Roxy sent me a series of birthday gifts.  First to arrive was a Fascinator Throe from Liberator .. wow.. seriously luxurious and practical gift.  I’m already imagining the various ways we’ll use it on her upcoming visit.  Next to arrive was something fun and playful, no.. not another sex toy.  She got me a Han Solo action figure, from the Legacy collection.  It comes with a gas mask and she dubbed him “Breath Play Solo”.  Why Han and not Luke or another character?   Because I have a thing about Han and his roguish, yet sweet, ways.  He also comes with an impressive arsenal of ever larger guns.. please, no big gun/small penis jokes 😉   I opened this one while we were on webcam together and she was aghast when I immediately pulled out my pocket knife and cut the packaging open.

“You’re opening it?!!”

“Yes.  I play with my toys”

and proceeded to pose him and shoot Roxy through the webcam “Pew! Pew-pew-pew! Pew-pew!”

Finally, the most special and personal gift:  a recording of Roxy, in her sexiest dark-caramel-of-lust voice, saying sweet, sexy, wonderful things to me.   I’m gonna keep that handy for the days when I need a pick-me-up, when I’m jonesin for her.  Thank you, baby, it’s just what I always wanted 😀

Last night our next door neighbors invited us over for homemade pizza on the grill.  We accepted the invite and volunteered to bring dessert.  After considering our options, Mrs. Kyle decided to make banana pudding with Nilla Wafers (oh yeahhhh.. w.t. sweetness at its best).  It was nice, their boys and our ElderSpawn eating with a movie in another room so we could enjoy some adult conversation in the living room.  Little Bit is very comfortable over there, having spent a few afternoons with them while the missus and ElderSpawn did GS cookie business.

Today was a day for those two to finish making cookie deliveries and for myself and Little Bit to hang out a lot.  During one such delivery period, my brother called to wish me happy birthday and update me on his life.  He and his partner just bought a house (total steal for the area and quality of the house).  We talked about our jobs, our relationships, all the large and small things that make up our lives.  He’s my brother and my ally, being the other queer child in the family.  He’s also someone I can talk to about poly and kink and this blog and anything.  So  nice to have someone within the family I don’t have to censor myself with.

That’s it for this week.  Big thanks for the birthday greetings on Twitter and Facebook.  Y’all are wonderful and I count many of you as friends and extended family.  Have a great week.  I’m off to see if I can set a trap for the rat who’s been living between the floors and in the walls for a couple of months now.



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